It’s ‘Sew Grateful‘ week again. A now annual event organised by Debbie over at My Happy Sewing Place. You’ve probably seen posts popping up in your reader all week with giveaways, tutorials and people using patterns they were gifted.

I’m not going to offer you a giveaway (having just held one) and I don’t have a tutorial to offer (I don’t feel qualified!). I haven’t got a pattern that someone gifted me sewn up and ready to share. What I do have is gratitude.

You know me, I’m honest to the point of TMI on this blog sometimes. You all know about the things that have gone right and wrong and some that have floored me and taken a while to pick myself up and dust myself down from. I’ve suffered from depression and the destruction, saddness, alienation and everything that goes with it. To quote the Blogess: “Depression Lies”. Remembering that is hard.

Thankfully I have things mostly on an even keel and have done for a little while now, but every so often I wobble. I’m human. To help combat the wobbles I’ve been keeping a record of things that I’m grateful for.
Now before you get completely weirded out by me (and I accept and love the fact that I’m a little bit weird!) can I ask that you keep reading for a little bit?

This week has been insane and intense for a number of reasons. Work, home, Husband’s business, slamming my hand in the door of the truck (who knew I could swear in multiple languages?!), thinking I was going to have to have my wedding ring cut off as a result of the swelling caused by that damn door… You get the picture. The thing that stopped me starting on a very slippery spiral was just reading back through those gratitudes I’d made a note of.

There were common themes to them which I hadn’t really picked up until I read them back. Family, Boy, Husband were all in there. The fact that I have a nice home and a reasonable income. The one that made me sit and think though was the kindness of people I have never met in real life.

Take Lizzy. I was in a funk on Monday morning but we had a chat on Twitter and she reassured me and virtually held my hand.

Then there’s Maddie. I got completely stuck with a pattern alteration regarding collar roll and reached out to her. In a short amount of time she gave me some starting points on Twitter and is going to provide me with further guidance and advice over the weekend.

Emmie came to my rescue when I was trying to source tailoring supplies and sent some of her own horse hair canvas for me to use. She wanted nothing in return.

Sonja made me laugh about slamming my hand in the truck door.

Some of these people are less than a hundred miles away, others are across the Atlantic or in the other hemisphere. I’ve only met one of them for a brief time in reality. But I’m proud to ‘know’ each and every one of them. I’m proud to ‘know’ each and every person I interact with through Twitter, Instagram and this blog (my social media outlets of choice).

Through sewing, a wonderful range of people and perspectives have entered my life and informed, educated, supported and shared with me not just sewing but their day to day lives. Sweary, I know you’re not into blogs, but you have opened my eyes to so many different things through Twitter.

I can’t think of any other more graphically diverse community that would hold a sewing competition in honour of the marriage of a member of that community. Sew Dolly Clackett is going to be immense? Unreal? I can’t find the right word. And the motivation is not blog views, sponsorship or any form of self gain or promotion. It’s purely because Sarah is across the Atlantic and wanted to do something for Roisin and Nic. Pure and simple.

The blogging, tweeting and instagraming that goes on in our community is so much more than ‘look what I made’. It’s a welcoming group of people with whom you can share life, love, laughter and tears with. That’s pretty damn special.

My gratitude to you guys is immense. I love helping you out when I can, lending an ear, pattern, opinion, support. Just being part of this community has enriched my life immeasurably. Thank you x

24 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. What an honest & lovely post! I’m sorry you’ve had a hard week Vicki but pleased so many people were there to support you – IRL & virtually! I love your idea of a gratitude list, I guess I have a mental one for whenever the new stresses and strains of motherhood start to get on top of me – though usually a smile from the wee one is all it takes!
    It really is an astonishing community – I never expected when I started to blog 3 years ago that I’d meet so many amazing people through it!

    1. Life throws these sort of weeks at you every so often! There is something special about that smile of pure joy, isn’t there!! This community of ours surprises and pleases me every single day in some way; through generosity, openness and plain willingness to just help each other out. Who’d have thought writing about sewing on the internet would bring all of that into our lives?!

  2. aaawww great post! a gratitude list is a fab idea that we could probably all do with from time to time. glad you have lots of support IRL and we are always here is you need us. hope the hand is feeling better!

    1. My hand is a LOT better now. I can’t believe I was that flipping stupid!! It’s nice to know that someone a little more removed from a situation is always there as well as near at hand family and friends.

  3. I love your thoughts here! I hold a very similar gratitude for the sewing community, it amazes me how I now have friends all over the world even though I have actually never met them. You are one of my distant sewing friends too 🙂

  4. What a beautiful post! I never expected that I would stick with sewing when I first started out, and I REALLY never would have thought it was possible to find such a supportive, kind community in the blogosphere. I’m so grateful for your friendship and even though we’ve never met in real life, your friendship means the world to me! Thank you!

    1. Thank you too Missus. You have always been there for me and it means the absolute world. NY is on the bucket list and I will meet up with you!!

  5. It’s hard to say for sure, but I think without the sewing community I would have given the craft up shortly after I started. So many times it’s been the encouragement of blogging friends, or the inspiration of other sewists, or the amazing energy that is shared and passed around this community that has kept me going. I am grateful too, and happy to have met you, my friend – no less so that we live on different continents 🙂

    1. Same here – I think the community have a unique gift of appreciating the effort that’s gone into something but not shying away from asking if we’ve considered another approach or technique. And when you are stuck there is such a wealth of knowledge and experience that everyone is more than willing to share. Or just plain commiseration on occasion! I’m honoured to consider you a friend too x

  6. This is a lovely post – I’m pretty new to the online sewing community but I already feel like it’s a great world to be a part of. I love your idea of keeping a list of things that you’re grateful for, I think I could do with one of those myself sometimes so I might have to copy you!

  7. Vicki, you have written so well what sewing has been meaning to me too… I will never be able to put it as nicely as you did. I am grateful I found your blog and am grateful for this sewing community! Though we never met I feel you are a very kind and sweet person.

  8. Lovely post! When I started reading blogs etc in October last year I thought I was just researching sewing techniques but over time am getting a whole lot of insight in to other people’s lives who are similarly thoughtful, trying to fit too much in to their lives and so on. I love reading about both and the comments which follow – makes me smile daily.

    1. I think that may be one of the things that separate the sewing community from other blogging communities is that more than the ‘main topic’ are shared. Life in general has always featured in my favourite blogs and it helps put the garments, techniques, triumphs and the rest into more perspective. It’s far more than ‘look at this gorgeous garment I made’. The willingness to share information, tips and the rest astounds me. Safe to say, being part of it means the world to me!!

    1. Thank you so much Jenny! And thank you for taking the time to comment on my cape post – your link to your brilliant coat making post has really helped and I’ve discovered a fabulous new blog to follow (that’s you!).

  9. Crappity. I’m super behind with my blog reading at the moment. I do hope your hand is feeling better. And that things stop wobbling soon. Add to your list that we are grateful for you. You add such vibrancy to this sewing community, and such honesty. Hope this week is better. x

    1. Ah, you have so much going on, don’t worry about the blog reading – it’ll all be here when you get a moment or two. My hand is a lot better, thank you. You are also far too kind!

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