Working for Flora

So, I’m sure you are more than aware that By Hand London launched their latest pattern last week, the Flora dress.  Oh, my.  Isn’t she an absolute show stopper?!  I’ve loved seeing all the tester versions across some of my favourite blogs.  And seriously is there anyone on this planet who, if asked, would turn the BHL girls down?!  And having seen some of the care packages they sent out to their testers, wow!  The BHL girls know how to look after their pattern testers!

She has a fitted bodice and full skirt that I love, but with a twist.  I love the faux wrap top and whilst I have always, always been wary of a mullet hem, this dress has converted me and I want one NOW!  But, I’ve made myself a promise to get fit and as an incentive for each fortnight I complete my 30 minute bike workout, I can buy myself a present.  Flora is going to be my first present.  I’ll tell you this, it makes me want to get on that bike and work!

In in the interim (when I’m not telling myself, xx minutes until it goes to an easier resistance, or xx minutes to go) I’ve been dreaming about which fabric I’m going to make her in.  And then Amy, who blogs at Almond Rock,posted an Instagram picture of a fabric at Textile Express and I was sold. I’d never come across this retailer before but I know Amy has used them on a number of occasions so I jumped in and bought the fabric (and some floral jersey too – well if you’re paying £6 P&P you might as well get your money’s worth!).


It’s just perfect, Navy, floral and a lawn.  It’s going to drape beautifully and I may be a little bit in love!

If you want any inspiration though, just look at Lizzy’s TWO versions (AM and Nightshade which is a knockout), Sonja’s vibrant beauty, Dixie’s classic interpretation, Roisin’s use of a fabulous print, Marie’s classic beauty, Fiona’s Pretty in Pink version, Lauren’s vibrant summer dress, Zoe’s chic monochrome number, Nette’s vibrant red dress and Emily who selflessly made the dress for her sister!  If these incredible pattern test versions don’t get you wanting to get behind your machine and make your own version in very short order, I don’t know what will!

23 thoughts on “Working for Flora

  1. This is a brilliant idea VK, I am feeling very lazy today and maybe I should do something similar to keep the momentum going. Can’t wait to see your dress on you so keep pedalling!!

    1. I always seem to do better when I have a timescale and reward involved. The fact that I’ve told everyone as well helps as I don’t want to admit to stuffing up!

  2. Wow, that is a lovely dress – I haven’t followed much of BHL’s work other than seeing the patterns you have made up. I’m starting to be really interested in this pattern company though – in other words you are giving me yet another reason to get back into sewing. I think you have given yourself some great motivation – it’s attainable, but surely not easy.

    Ahh, you’ve also introduced me to a few more blogs that I will need to follow now. So much talent out there 🙂

    1. There are a crazy number of talented people out there! I think the BHL aesthetic is very you – I can see you in pretty much every one of their designs so far!

  3. What a fantastic idea! I should bribe myself to run with patterns- I’ll probably start training for a marathon if I do, hahahahaha!

    The fabric is so lovely! Great choice!

    1. Thank you sweetie! I’m eternally envious of your ability to shop Mood so I’m always really really happy when I find gorgeous fabric at a reasonable price! Working out for a more specific timescale and reward is way easier than something that I know is going to take more than a year of effort to achieve. I guess it’s that whole thing of lots of little goals will eventually get me to the big one!!

  4. I feel just like you on the mullet hems – I’ve never gone for them before but all these Flora’s, I’m totally changing my mind! I can’t wait to see yours made up!

    1. It’s the magic of BHL – If this was a stand alone skirt I don’t think I’d be half as interested but that cross over bodice with the skirt… I can imagine mixing elements of this pattern with so many others!

  5. Oooh, that floral fabric is gorgeous and will make you a beautiful Flora. What a great incentive to keep at the workouts! Another vote for Textile Express here too, I have used them and been very happy with what I bought.

    1. I have to admit I was incredibly surprised at the sheer range of fabric and the quality of the two pieces I ordered is excellent. I’m very happy to have another purveyor of good fabric in my address book (my bank account on the other hand…)

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