Real Talk

I am in a funk. I’m not entirely sure why, but I am in one.

When I’m in this weird mindset, I want to buy all the fabric and eat all the things. One is no good for the bank balance, the other is no good for me.

I’m also stupid busy. Finding time to sew is just not happening and quite honestly this is adding to if not causing the funk. I’m fantasy sewing all the time in my head – my stash has been cut and sewn several times. Time is not on my side though, or at least it feels that way.

Work is busy, Husband’s business is busy, Boy is amazing and frustrating and life is what it is. I just need to find some equilibrium and some time to just be creative. To create and enjoy the process. Me and my machine, that’s my calm and happy place (unless I’m repeatedly attempting a sleeve or zip – then, not so much).

That’s why the blogging has become sporadic. I have so much I want to say, I have things I made a while ago that I haven’t blogged. I’m starting to put some crazy pressure on myself, which isn’t helpful. I’m just not sure where to start and my time is limited and there are a lot of things I want to do with it; blog, exercise, sew, sleep!

Please bear with me, once I’ve worked out how to get a bit of balance back, I hope to be back here a bit more. And not just rambling at half past nine on a Saturday night!

12 thoughts on “Real Talk

  1. I feel for you, sweetie! I’ve been in that place, and when I’m not finding ways to get my needs met (creativity needs, in this case), I compulsively buy fabric and/or eat like it’s going out of style — it’s trying to soothe, placate that in-need part of me even when the food or fabric is not really what I’m needing. It’s one of the reasons that part of my MMM pledge is to sew every day, even if it’s only 5 minutes. Of course, the 5 minutes often turns into 30 or more, but even if it doesn’t, I’ve been surprised how much 5 minutes can help.

    I hope things ease up for you, but you’re right, it’s just life — one thing off the agenda gets replaced by two more! {{hugs}}

  2. big hugs, I hope you find a balance, these are the times when you want to hide away from everyone and do your own thing. fingers crossed you get some sewing time, but as far as food goes, nibble on fruit, seeds & nuts & avoid those all too tempting choccies & biscuits, I’ve been there!! I have no suggestions for avoiding buying fabric, that’s just one step too far! 🙂

  3. Yup! That is one of the many reasons I sew. It balances me. And I don’t like getting the fabric messy with food when I sew. Hang in there. I know that place well. This too shall pass. Take good, good care….

  4. I understand where you are coming from! The sewing that I do in my head is amazing, while the actual sewing that I’ve done is . . . no where to be found. Good luck getting out of your funk. I need baby girl to embrace sleep to get out of mine 🙂

  5. Thanks for being so honest. It is so hard to prioritise when you work, are a mum, need to be healthy, want to be creative etc. my suggestion would be to be, around blogging is just write a short post, a couple of photos and sentences about the item. Also have you got time to remake an item you have made before that you really like? Ie you know it’s going to fit etc. so you could cut it out one day, sew for 15 mins the next time you have chance to sew etc. so you can enjoy creating an item, but there’s no chance for frustration as you have ironed out all the fitting issues etc already. I have just signed up to regular exercise sessions as I know that it’s now or never it terms of being more healthy, but I work full time,have children, and want to spend time being creative, so I do feel for you. Your blog is inspiring, and it doesn’t matter how often you post. Enjoy your son, the cliches are true, they grow up very quickly!

  6. I have an image of you sitting on a big pile of fabric eating cake! Can I play?! Please don’t put too much pressure on yourself, look forward to seeing what you’ve made when you have time again.

  7. Yikes, you sound so busy! It’s hard to take care of yourself when there’s so much to do. I know I tend to let health/diet/exercise go to the wayside when I’m busy, but it just makes me feel like garbage. It’s tough to face a long, hard day, but it’s even tougher when you don’t take the time to make lunch and just eat cheese crackers and Coke! (Ask me how I know that…ugh…). Please do try to take some time for yourself, even on the craziest days. Even if it’s only sitting in the garden alone for 10 minutes with a cup of tea, I think you probably need a tiny bit of downtime worked into your day. Don’t feel any pressure to blog or anything on our account– we’ll be here when you get the time! 🙂

  8. Take the blogging pressure off yourself right away. Your creative outlet shouldn’t be so stress-inducing. I agree with the other commenter about writing shorter posts just to blog an item.
    Take the pressure off yourself! We’ll be here when things slow down!

  9. Don’t ever forget – from someone who learned the hard way – You’re a much better person when you take time for yourself! Really, an hour or two here or there just to yourself (put the guilt away, it’s a useless emotion) and you’re in a better place to give time to others.

  10. Hey…I thought it was you over in the corner of Funksville! It was me waving at you. And shouting “don’t forget to breathe!”. I’m reminding myself that the fabric/yarn/patterns will still be there when I get back to them, and until then they can just shut up and stop shouting to be sewn because I’m not listening *fingers in ears singing la, la, la, la*.
    This too shall pass. x

  11. Oh this is so familiar to me. Sewjo gone is heartbreaking but it’ll come back. Don’t you worry. It’s really tough keeping all those juggling balls in the air. But just go with the flow. Focus on you and your health because nothing else matters more. And then the light will appear. And we will all be waiting for you. When you are ready xxx

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