Ah, another poetic blog post title!

I wish I had something amazing and couture to show you all, but in reality I’m just checking in.  Sewing is still pretty much non existent (but scheming… Oh my, the scheming!).  I’ve basically managed in a little over a month to make a teeny-tiny baby dress for my new niece with some matching baby bloomers, cut three shirts for Boy, order some fabric for a friend’s little girl who was born Saturday morning, order fabric for Boy’s friend’s birthday present shirt at the end of this month, lose a stone and a bit, start another course for another exam and still have a partially completed Mad Max Flora in a heap in the sewing room.  Sigh.


So, a lot to tell you but nothing to show I’m afraid (and this really is a space to show and tell!).  Having said that, by the weekend I may have assembled the new rabbit hutch for Buzz and Woody (who we have learnt are girls) if it’s arrived and be able to show you our latest project in the garden.

I’ve also recently done the summer bedding plants and I have enjoyed choosing the hottest, brightest most obnoxious, bratty colours I could find.  Cerise, purple, hot orange, lime green…  There’s going to be a riot of colour out there soon…

Anyhoo, hope you’re all well and sewing when you get the chance or just enjoying life in general.  Hopefully I’ll catch up again before another month as sped by…

8 thoughts on “Hi

  1. Don’t fret gorgeous. Some days I’m happy to string a lucid sentence together. The sewing & blogging can wait. We will be here waiting for you…

  2. Glad that you at least dropped in for a hello. While this is a space for show and tell, when you disappear we miss you, so a few thoughts are better than silence.

    That dress you made is adorable – what is the pattern? I may have to make something like that for my little one. The colors you chose for your garden sound lovely. I just cut a few roses this morning and was wishing there was something more. I haven’t planted anything here, and the yard needs it

    1. Hello Missus! The dress is a bit of a hack using the bodice of a dress in Anna Maria Horner’s book ‘Handmade Beginnings’ http://www.annamariahorner.com/productbooks.html and takes very little time. Until you decide to encase the raw edges with bias binding that needs hand stitching in place!

      I have a love / hate relationship with gardening. I love the instant effect you can have but don’t have the patience to do long term planting schemes! A bit of bedding and an afternoon in the sun is about my limit. It’s also not too awful when Boy bounces a ball through it…

      I have to admit, I miss blogging because I miss the interaction! I just need more time at the moment and that is in very short supply!

  3. I liked the “Hi.” Made me stop and read! (Well, I also wanted to see what you were up to!) I find I do WAY more scheming then sewing! I wish I could sew as fast as I can scheme! Good to see you! Looking forward to seeing that Mad Max Flora! The name alone has me incredibly curious!

    1. Thanks Laurie! Short and sweet is best sometimes I guess! Oh indeed, I wish my sewing kept pace with the scheming too! It’s the fabric that’s made me think of Mad Max (not that this makes it any easier for you to picture!) More Thunderdome than any of the others, I think… Just need to actually finish the thing!!

    1. The summer weather has put in (at least at the moment…) a bit of an appearance and man have I missed the sun!! I sometimes don’t realise how busy life is until I write it down and I’ve omitted a lot because I didn’t want to sign whiney or ‘woe is me’ because it isn’t like that at all. I’m just time crunched and so some of the stuff that doesn’t directly contribute to the home or family have had to take a back seat. I may have to book a day off just to sew and stop getting side-eye from my machines…

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