About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Vicki Kate

I live in Norwich, UK and I’m a Mum and a Wife. I work part time for my employer and I also help my Husband with his business. I love to sew and the creative outlet often saves me from insanity!

Sewing was a functional skill for me until 2010. I repaired clothes, sewed in name tags, put buttons back on but didn’t really make anything from scratch.

Through the interweb I came across an amazing community of on-line seamstresses / sewists who make their own clothes and they are a real inspiration to me. Both in their clothing choices and in their style! Their success and willingness to share their knowledge has given me the confidence to start making myself a wardrobe that is sewn by me and styled for me.

There are so, so, SO many other blogs out there that I’m truly honoured that you’ve chosen to drop in to mine. Please feel free to comment, say Hi, ask any questions or give any feedback or advice! I hope you enjoy sharing my journey towards a more self styled wardrobe with a little retro influence, as well as the little diversions I explore along the way…

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I promised you some stars and a wish but term has been too busy to give you my full attention, but better later than never.
    * your blog voice is nice and chatty and I feel like I get to know more about you than just “Sewist Kate”
    * your pictures in your recent posts are really clear and show off your creations. I especially like seeing good detail shots
    wish – it would be great to see previous/popular posts or tags in your side bar to help people find older posts

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