I’ve got a bit head, or something?!

The great snood epidemic has struck me!  They’ve been popping up all over blog-land and Karen is the culprit, not that she seems to mind in the slightest!

Snoods as Inspired by Karen. Different fits though!

I have to confess that they look so warm and snuggly that I thought I’d grab a bit of the snood action, so whilst we were away this weekend (yup, that’s why its been so quiet around here…) I knit a brace of them up.  One in purple (mkI) and one in a dark tweed type purple (mkII).  I have a plain dark purple and teal (of course!) queuing for the needles too.

I forgot my big eye needle so only got round to stitching the first one up tonight and it will only go over my head with some assertive yanking.  I’ve compared my finished items measurements to those on the original pattern and they match, so I guess my cast off doesn’t have the required amount of give in it to allow it to stretch over my noggin.

I can’t get a decent picture at the moment so I’ll try and get one tomorrow.  Self timer, 10:30 at night and a busy weekend do not make for a glamorous reasonable photo shoot!

So  I think I will make a faux button placket by picking up some stitches along the edge and knitting some extra head room that way.  I can then also add some buttons!

It’ll mean un-stitching the mattress stitch on mkI but I’d rather have something that is actually wearable!  It’ll be a gift for one of my sisters but I’d prefer that she can get it over her head!  With the two in the que I’ll just cast on an extra 10 stitches or so!

Cosy Cabled Fog

7 Rows of Ribbing completed...

Evangeline Fog; that’s what I’ve named the fingerless mits I cast on yesterday.  They’re a pattern available on Ravelry called Evangeline.  Reading the notes of others who have already completed the pattern it’s evident that a thumb gusset makes them more comfortable to wear.  Hence the fog as I’ve taken the thumb gusset from a pattern called Vancouver Fog and spliced it onto the Evangeline.

I’m knitting them using the magic loop two at a time method to try to avoid the dreaded second sock syndrome.  I struggled with how to get started and this video shows you what to do.  I guess I’m a pretty visual learner as once I’d seen it (rather than reading the instructions I’d found elsewhere) I got it!

I wanted to use a super stretchy cast on, unfortunately it doesn’t work too well with textured wool so I’ve done a knitted cast on instead.  I’ll definitely be using this with the next pair of socks I make though!

I plan to finish with the stretchy bind off though, which looks like it will work well with any sort of wool!

Hopefully these wont take too long, although I’m going to have to concentrate when doing the thumb gussets and working two at the same time…  I may take one-off at that point and finish one glove before finishing the next as frogging (ripping out) would be difficult!  Anyway, I plan to knit on the sofa with the Mr when I’m not progressing my circle skirt…

Got to love a sheep stitch marker!

Autumn Knitting: A Finished Object

Here’s my slouchy beret, all finished and blocked and ready to wear!

Star Crossed Beret

This pattern (available on Ravelry for free!) knitted up really quickly and I have to admit that I am in love with this deep teal colour (most accurately displayed in the picture above).  Below is a close up of the cabling and the centre swirl is created by the decreases.  I always forget (as a somewhat sporadic knitter) how much difference blocking makes!

Cable and Decrease Detail

Next up on my autumn knitting plan is a pair of these Evangeline fingerless gloves in the same wool.  The pattern is available on Ravelry for $3 CAD about £1.96 at todays date.  Reading the notes it’s apparent that a thumb gusset is needed, so I’ve already re-written the pattern to include this.  If you read the information on Ravelry, everything you need is there to enable you to do the same.

Oh, and go and see this refashion done by Zoe for Miss P’s Refashioners series.  Grandma kilt to sexy pencil skirt complete with fish tail.  Makes me want to find a grandma kilt…

Work In Progress

I had planned to show you my completed embroidery project today.  Only problem is it’s not completed yet.  I hope to make some more progress on it tonight and then I should be able to share some pictures with your tomorrow?

I’m also going to be digging my knitting needles out again as I fancy a new slouchy beret style hat for winter.  And I’ve got some gorgeous deep turquoise tweed wool to make it up with.  The shade is number 51 and is called Mermaid.

I plan to make this pattern from the Ravelry site.  It’s called the star crossed slouchy beret and is a pattern by Natalie Larson