Finished Pendrell Blouse!

Finished Pendrell!

Well, almost!  It still needs hemming and I think I can also take in a bit at the side seams as there’s a lot of extra fabric there.  It’s too late tonight though to start playing with that though, so I may just leave this one as being very loose fitting and make the adjustments on the next one.

I am really pleased I altered the neck line on this as otherwise I may have ended up looking like I was being strangled.  With a chest like mine, high neck lines just look wrong…  I am also really really pleased with the arm hole facing – for some reason I just found them really satisfying to do and they came out really neatly – much neater than the neck!

As you can see, the FBA added a fair bit of length to this so I think I’ll probably take a few inches off the bottom before I hem it.  I’ll probably do a 1″ double fold hem and blind stitch it.  I’ll test out how that’ll look on some scrap fabric first though.

Sorry for the black line down the right of the last photo – I really need to find somewhere in the house that’s better suited to taking photos that isn’t going to include a door frame and part of a very dark hall way.  I promise I’ll sort my hair out next time too!

I love that I’ve managed to upcycle half a duvet cover to make this top – I’ve got some spare too, as well as the other side, although not enough for another pendrell, but I may well get a Sorbetto out of it…  I do love this colour though, warm tones of blue feature quite heavily in my colour schemes!

So there we have it, finished (apart from the hem) object number 3!

Pendrell So Far

Pendrell Progress...

Here it is so far.  It’d look better on a dress form, but I don’t have one of those (here’s hoping for my birthday in November!).  The extra fabric from the FBA is what’s causing the sagging.  I had to add an extra 2 1/2″ at each of the front princess seams.  My cups runneth over and then some!  I’d be happier with a much smaller chest but then I know there are those out there who’d like a much bigger one!  We always want what we don’t have…

But back to the sewing!  All I’ve got to do now is do the arm hole binding, sew up the side seams and hem it.  Also known as post 16 of the sew along from back in January / February of this year.

Sewing this is very, very, quick.  I’ve got all of this done in a couple of hours and I’m not Speedy Gonzales when sewing!  I’m quite pleased with it so far.  I haven’t managed to put a flower over either bust apex so there shouldn’t be a bulls eye on the chest and I’m really liking the upcycled duvet cover fabric!

One thing I’m not so chuffed about is that the shoulder seam doesn’t line up where it’s intersected by the princess seam on one side, but I’m happy to live with it, particularly as there’s a load of pattern there so it’s not too glaringly obvious.  The other shoulder is perfect though and I can’t see what I did differently!!

So, hopefully, I’ll have a finished item to show tomorrow…

All the way from Canada!

Ooh, don't you just love post that isn't boring and gets your creativity going?

Looky looky what arrived today!  And it was only shipped on the 9th so arrived in exactly a week.  How good is that?

I’ve had a read of the Lonsdale pattern instructions and now fully understand how the front works.  I’d made it far far far more complicated in my head than it really is.  I’ll need to do a bit of grading of the pattern to get it to fit my current, but reducing, figure and this takes me a while but as the pattern pieces are so simple, it shouldn’t be too onerous.  I’m very interested to see what Tasia has come up with in the way of an FBA for this design as there’s not a lot of shaping in the bodice…  Think the bodice will deff need a muslin made as a test run.

I think I’ll use a vintage sheet for the dress if there’s enough fabric.  I’ve got the white side of a double duvet cover with large chrysanthemum type flowers printed in outline on it in shades of blue and pale beige and another which is white with turquoise flowers all over it.

In other sewing related news I’ve graded my Pendrell, done the FBA (ie added 2 1/2″ at the princess seam line – eek!), altered the neckline to be more of a V as that’s more flattering for me, done a ton of tissue fitting, retraced and cut the pattern pieces and have actually gone near some fabric!  It’s cut out, I just need to actually do some sewing…

I’m just going to make the shell to begin with (using the blue side of the chrysanthemum duvet cover) as a sort of wearable muslin – I’m intending to wear it, but if it’s a total disaster I haven’t wasted my gorgeous butterfly fabric.