7 Hours, 179.9Km & 5871Cal

Yep, goal 1 of my self imposed fitness challenge is complete!

Earnt Flora

As a result I have ordered Flora and I have already bought one length of fabric for her, have plans to mash her with Elisalex and Sewaholic’s Gabriola and also involve her in Sew Dolly Clackett.  Oh yes, I can NOT wait to get my hands on this pattern!  And it’s so much the sweeter for having worked for her.

For the next fortnight I’m working for Tilly’s Coco – not my usual aesthetic but the top length looks so fabulous on Oobop and I need some lovely solid coloured tops (working for this and filling a wardrobe hole?!).  I’m also planning a day in London which I am really really looking forward to.  I don’t often have a day out on my own (the last one being the Goldhawk Road meet up I went to last summer) and this time I plan to visit the legendary ‘Man Outside Sainsbury’s’ on Whalthamstow market and see what he has to offer.  I’m after fabric for Flora, Emery, Gabriola and Coco (and lets be honest, what ever catches my eye!!).

Of Clouds and Silver Linings


In some ways this week has been a success, but in others an epic fail!

The not so great stuff:

Husband has been suffering a bit from depression due to lack of work, which affected me causing me to lose the plot at my place of employment on Wednesday.  Tears and sniffling in the middle of the office is not the normal me!  Husband is a plumber and heating engineer and the early part of every year is always slow work wise, not just for him but for the whole sector.  However he is not good at doing nothing and when given too much time to think he gets tunnel vision and starts to spiral and its very hard to pull him out of it.  I try and support him but its quite tough sometimes, particularly when I’m dealing with the effects of…

My medication being doubled.  Hello insomnia, nausea and generally feeling rubbish until I become accustomed to the higher dose!

Then to top it all I managed to infect my work laptop with such an evil virus (and I have no idea where it came from) that it had to be wiped and re-built.  So I didn’t manage to do anything productive until about 2pm yesterday.  I feel so guilty about it even though I can’t think where I’d been online that would have had such a nasty file.  Ack.

But on the flip side there’s the good stuff!

I’ve found a way to give Husband some control over the work situation.  One of which is to finally sort a website out for him so I’ve made an appointment to go and see a hosting and design company next week to see about getting a site made.  He’s also been contacted to do some short notice work and to quote for some jobs so I hope his mood is lifting…

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods

Thursday night I went to the theatre to see the touring production of Legally Blonde: The Musical.  I enjoyed it, although for me the characters of Paulette and Kyle stole the show – probably because they provide the comedy and I was in need of some laughter!  The portrayal of Elle Woods was more annoying to me than Reese Witherspoon’s in the film although I warmed to it much more in the second half.  And no, I hadn’t been drinking!

I also wore a me made outfit – my Beignet and Sencha.  Both now need altering though as I’ve lost over 9lb since the start of the year.  The Sencha should be quite straight forward but the Beignet is going to take some thinking about and will probably involve removing the facing at the waistband and then nipping in at each seam…

And finally I finished two items this week!  My Taffy Jasmine and my Minoru!  I’m really pleased with both and will try and get some pictures to bore you all silly with next week if the sun ever appears today…

Colette Sewing Handbook Pattern: Meringue

So all I have to do now is decide what to make next…  I think a work appropriate Meringue is a strong contender as is a Renfrew.  If anyone has any tips for cleaning and caring for wool garments I’d love to hear them!

Wool Plaid from Annabelle

I also plan to get out my Renfrew pattern and do a FBA so that I can make one or two of those as well!  Would you like me to photograph the steps I’ve worked out for a dart less FBA on this top for a tutorial?  Lauren uses the technique of grading from one size to another, but as I start at the top end of the size chart that’s not an option for me.  Let me know in the comments…

PS – don’t forget to enter my give away here

A Wake Up Photo

Well, hopefully you’ve seen that I’ve made two whole items of clothing!  And I am very proud of myself for completing them.
What I’m not in any way, shape, or form, proud of is the person wearing them.  Me.  

Sorbetto & Ginger

Being brutally honest taking these photos on the self timer of the camera was a hideous shock this evening.

Taking a leaf from other bloggers posts on finished objects, I listed the basics and what I liked and what I didn’t.  I like both of these patterns.  The biggest thing I want to change is the model wearing the clothes, and that’s me.  This is NOT how I look in my head or how I want to look.

I know I am overweight and that my stomach is a mess after making the boy.  And that being overweight doesn’t help at all with the stomach situation.  But I did not realise that I looked that bad.  It makes me want to cry, but that would be self-pitying and I got myself into this mess and I’m the only one who can get myself out of it.

So this is my action plan:

*  Stop snacking
being honest I snack a lot and it’s not on good things.
*  Make healthy soup and have that at lunch time
*  Reduce portion sizes at evening meal
*  Move more.
I have an exercise bike and I will do 30 minutes a day on it and I will get up earlier to make sure I get it done.
I will also do an exercise DVD 3 times a week.
*  Publish my weight and measurements on this blog so that I am accountable 

It’s a simple recipe – consume fewer calories than I use and exercise to help with the deficit and to tone up.  I’m 30 in November and I don’t want to look like this.

Today is done.

Sunday 12 June 2011 is day 1 of the journey to a new me.  I’ve started a new blog, girlgetsthin.wordpress.com to document my journey.

This really struck a chord with me:

Mena, from her post on XOJane

This post has really struck a chord for me, and is also really inspirational.

I’ve always enjoyed sew weekly but I haven’t been there from the start and I’m not a regular reader, although I suspect that has now changed after this post.  I really identify with this and I truly hope that sewing my own clothes will help me the way it’s helped Mena.

Here’s the original motivation behind the blog.

All I can say is WOW to you Mena, and well done!

I Spun and I Survived!

Dita - The Queen of Burlesque

Hurrah!  I’ve just done my second spinning class and I did way way WAY better tonight than I did last week!  I completed pretty much all of it – missing the odd second of standing on pedals here and there because I can’t co-ordinate myself to stand on the pedals, keep pedalling and alter the resistance all at once…  So I’m feeling pretty darn good about myself at the moment even if I do need a shower (sorry if TMI).

Big difference this time is that I set the bike up properly – last week I think the seat was too far forward and it definitely wasn’t high enough.  I also went in with a rather stubborn mind set that this class was not going to beat me.  So that’s two classes down and six to go – I’m already thinking about what I’ll do when they finish!  I fancy something dance based – but not Zumba!

Maybe a Burlesque class or pole dancing?!  Can you imagine!  Oddly a google search reveals one pole dancing school in Norwich and at least three Burlesque schools:  Kitty Golightly (what a fab name), The School of Burlesque,  and Burlesque Norwich!  I might give the pole dancing a go as I can see how that would make you fit and toned and they do some exercise classes too so it sounds like a pretty good bet for all round fitness.  Burlesque sounds mainly like fun!

Believe it or not I used to dance years ago and I love it – it was modern jazz though so nothing like the above!  Also quite stunning considering my lack of co-ordination whilst spinning tonight…  Anyway, doing something dance related sounds like really good fun and I have learnt that if I don’t enjoy it I wont do it – one of the reasons I am not a runner.  I just found it boring.  Cycling and dance however are my kind of fun so that’s what I’ll concentrate on.

Ouch, That Was Embarrasing


OK.  So in a bid to lose weight and shape up I booked myself onto an 8 week “Get Back Into” spinning course run by Active Norfolk.  The first class was last night and… oh dear.  I was a little apprehensive before it started because I haven’t done any real exercise in a very, very long time and was worried I’d struggle but I had no idea it would be THAT bad!

To be blunt about it, I am not as fit as I hoped I was.  And some of my technique sucked, and I was definitely the biggest person in the class.  So all in all, a tad embarrasing.  And as usual, whether fat or thin, I went red doing cardio.

On the positive side though, I went.  I stuck it out and I’m going to finish the course as this is definitely going to get me fitter which can only be a good thing.  I also don’t ache too badly this morning, but experience tells me that it may kick in tomorrow…

Next week my challenge for myself is to do at least half the “out of saddle” stuff as this is what I struggled with and there was a LOT of it last night.  I must keep my back straight when out of the saddle.  By the end of the course (and hopefully sooner), I will do everything in the session.

I am worth the effort.  That’s what I’ve got to remember…