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3 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi Vicki,
    Help, I need to make my first pair of trousers. What material do I need to ask for. I live in Norwich so I know the best shop to go to. I just don’t want to look too stupid!

    1. It depends on what sort of trousers you want to make! I’d go with a cotton twill with a little stretch in it as it’d make fitting a little easier? Or generically ‘bottom weight’ fabric. The very knowledgeable and lovely ladies in Anglian Fashion Fabric will be able to help, particularly if you take the pattern you’re wanting to use with you. It’s a bit difficult to give some recommendations without knowing the style of trousers you’re looking to make! You also need to consider how you want to wash them once done as pure wool isn’t going to go through the washing machine very well. If you could let me know the pattern I might be able to offer a bit more help?

  2. Hi Vicky, do you add hoops to the top of curtains? I’ve just bought a pair and they only have the big tabs and they need to fit a runner in a bay window? They also need taking up a few inches, would you be able to this too? How much would it be? Many thanks in advance. Becky

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