It Was a Good Day…

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Day?  I’ve been a little quiet as we’ve had (what must be) a final 2012 incident but I wont bore you with it here!  Suffice to say whilst I know 2012 has been really really good to some of you, I’m done with this year.

A massive positive though was that all the hard work me and Husband had put in on Boy’s new bedroom paid off.  He absolutely loves it and disappears upstairs to play in it and have adventures!


I suspect his favourite bit is the lights under the bed – it’s an LED ribbon and there’s a remote control that you use to change the colours, or make the flash!  He’s mastering climbing up and down to the top bunk too, although I’m quite pleased that he’s sleeping in the bottom one at the moment…  I don’t want to hear a crash in the early hours when half asleep he gets it wrong!  Lots of practice first I think!

There’s a lot of ‘Me Hearties’ going on too as he has a pirate outfit which he loves – a last minute ‘impulse’ buy by me in the Early Learning Centre the weekend before Christmas.  My sister bought his some foam cutlasses and if I can I’ll get you a picture of Pirate Boy on his hobby horse brandishing a sword.  He tries so hard to look fearsome, but is just too darn cute to pull it off!

I got the blind and curtains done, finally hanging the curtains Christmas Eve (so late partially due to some idiot moments on my part during construction of the blind and having to re-do the header tape on the first curtain as it was too close to the radiator when hung).  I am so pleased with how they came out though.  It was definitely worth the effort and I hope they’ll have a long life as they’re not babyish…


I was a very lucky girl and got some lovely sewing goodies as well as my swap items!  I now have the Alma Blouse pattern by Sewaholic which will be made up with some leopard print lawn with a black peter pan collar.  Perfect for Pretty Grievances Jungle January!


I also now own some pinking shears – Gingher ones no less too and oh my, they do cut beautifully!  Also some gorgeous lengths of fabric which will be pre-washed today as I fancy some very selfish sewing.

I hope you all had a wonderful day and were spoilt rotten.

Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap

Hurrah, I’m so glad that you guys like the idea of a Christmas swap!

I’ve done a bit of research and the earliest last date for Airmail international postage (that I can track down) is Wednesday December 5th 2012, so here’s the plan:

Sign-up for the swap will be open until Friday November 16th 2012.  The weekend of the 17th and 18th I’ll pair people up and email out details of who you’re swapping with.

Then it’s time to do some research, read your swap partners blog, send them an email to help guide your choice on the fabric you think they’d like – and then of course go shopping!  I thought a budget of £20(GB) / $30(US) (by today’s exchange rate provided by Google) was a manageable figure?

Feel free to shop your stash if you have something that you know would be perfect!  The main aim is to provide enough fabric for the person to make their garment of choice, but if you want to include notions, trim, patterns because you scored an awesome deal then that would be fabulous!

It would be lovely if we could all gift wrap whatever we’re swapping to make opening our ‘present’ a little more special on Christmas Day.  And it prevents early peaking (well it might…)

Then it’s time to post your parcel by Wednesday December 5th 2012 and send me a quick email so I know that it’s been entrusted to Royal Mail / USPS / AusPost / whoever your postal service is!

I’d love it if we could all do a show and tell by New Year’s Eve and I can then do a wrap up post on New Years Day sharing what everyone received.  I was vaguely thinking that we could do a ‘finished item’ share at the end of January?

If you’d like to join in please send me an email to
with the following information by Friday 16 November 2012:

  • What item you’d like to make and therefore the yardage you’d like to swap; it could simply be that you want to make a dress, or a skirt or top, or that you’re hoping for the Cambie Dress Pattern for Christmas and enough fabric for that would be amazing! (I estimate that 3 yards for a dress / 2 for a top or skirt would be about right assuming 44″ fabric)
  • If you’re happy to post internationally
  • Your email address
  • Your postal address (If you’re in the US, please provide the full ZIP Code as international stuff can go AWOL without it!)
  • Your blog address (if you have one – if you don’t its not a problem!)

This way I can match people up on the yardage and postage.  I really hope you all want to join in and have an absolute ball, get to know some fellow sewists and have a wonderful present to open on December 25th!

PS – Some sort of blog button is coming soon…  If anyone is any good with photoshop or that sort of thing then I’d be eternally grateful as I’m clueless!

For image sources, please click on image


Burda Style 8/2012

The August issue of Burda Style dropped through the letter box this morning, and I have to say there are some patterns in this issue that I love!

Look at the cover!  I looked at this and just went WOW! The yellow outfit, that I thought was a dress, is actually a skirt and top!  It’s separate potential is beautifully illustrated by this image:

I love the addition of a lace collar, paired with the dark floral straight skirt.  I love this classic style with a twist/edge.

There’s lots of work suitable items too!  I love this skirt with the godet in the front

And this blouse with the tie at the back is a lovely twist on a shell top

And this flowing top from the plus size section is a lovely classic piece

And isn’t this top and trouser combo just fabulous?!  I love the graphic orange print with the nautical twist on the wide legged trousers.

Even the kids section has (finally!) got some decent patterns for boys in it!  Two good solid shirt patterns and a nice slim fitting style trouser.  There’s even a jacket/cardigan thing.  For once it’s about a 50/50 split between the boys and girls!  And the boy’s pieces are classics, so whilst patterns for the boys may not come along too often, at least these can be used for a few years!

So, that’s at least 6 patterns I like just for me, with the bonus of three that I can see myself making for boy!

And I’m also featured on Elena’s Seamless Blog today!  Happy Happy!

Pledge Number 248:

I, Vicki Kate of vickikatemakes, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear one item of self stitched clothing each day for the duration of May 2012. I will also photograph what I wear each day. I will endeavour to blog once a week with a roundup of my outfits. This is my first EVER Me Made Month and I’m a little bit scared. In a good way – the exited sort of scared… I really hope my limited MM Wardrobe is up to this!

I have been dithering about this for the reason stated above!  Hence the 4 hours until it starts sign-up.  I’m scared that my MM wardrobe may not be up to the challenge.  I will tell you NOW that there WILL be repeats.  Definitely of items and more than likely outfits too…  My PJs from the Party are also eligible and may well be my saviour at weekends…

I can’t wait to see what you are all wearing!

PS:  If you want to know more, click on the banner to visit Zoe’s blog to find out more and be inspired by this incredible person…

Hello, 2012! I have a few plans…

Good morning everyone, welcome to a new year!  It’s about 10 and a half hours old for me, but the first day is drawing to a close down under…

I’ve been reading all the blog posts that others have put up with their plans for 2012 and it makes for fascinating and thought provoking reading.  Some are quite planned or challenging, others are more of a wing-it variety!

I have to admit that I’ve been thinking about what I’d like to achieve over the next twelve months and there are a few things to aim for:

Sew at least one garment a month.  I am no where near a sew a whole garment a week girl, the time management side of things eludes me!  Never mind 58 in a year!  How amazing is Debi?!  Certainly to begin with I need to focus on tops…

Complete a couple of ‘project’ items.  The first of which will be the Minoru Jacket by Sewaholic.  The sew along starts a fortnight tomorrow!  I’d also like to make the Lady Grey for next winter, following Gertie’s sew along posts…  Finally there’s a dress for my Brother in Law’s wedding in September.

I have plans to drop a few dress sizes too, but I’m still going to sew, and just adjust as I go.  It’ll keep my fitting skills fresh as I make progress!  It’s strange how something like this seems more daunting than making a tailored coat…

I also intend to keep to my seamless challenge – I haven’t bought a new item of clothing  (other than the permissible tights!) since I took the pledge just before my birthday.

I’d also like to learn to Crochet, but this may be more of an aspiration rather than a plan, my creative time is limited so this may never happen unless I teach myself whilst on holiday as I can’t take my machines with me!

Finally, there’s this here blog!  I hope to post a little more regularly (my Sencha post yesterday was number 125!) and do a few more give aways as I had so much fun hosting the one for my birthday!  I’ll have been blogging for a year in March and it’s found me new friends and opened up a whole new community.  Something that has pushed me to keep sewing and to try new things!

I’d love to know what you’re plans are, whether you’ve got each month planned or are more of a see what life brings kinda outlook!

PS.  I’ve also just enrolled on the Craftsy Block a Month course which is FREE!  Here’s to a quilt at the end of 2012…

Happy Birthday Husband

Today is my darling husband’s 39th birthday.  This is the bouquet that me and boy made for him

All chocolate!  Boy loved helping with the tissue paper!

For his main present, and the once in a lifetime trip that I hinted at yesterday, I gave him a voucher for this…

Ben Ainslie Sailing for GB!

We’re going to watch some of the Olympic Sailing next summer!  We’ll be in the grandstand at Weymouth and Portland to see these races:

Women’s Elliott 6m – Match Racing
Men’s 470 – Two Person Dinghy
Women’s 470 – Two Person Dinghy
Men’s Laser – One Person Dinghy
Women’s Laser Radial – One Person Dinghy
Men’s RS:X – Windsurfer
Women’s RS:X – Windsurfer

Both me and husband spent a lot of time on the water, and it was in fact sailing and the Sea Scouts that brought us together!  I’ve also ordered a programme and lanyards for all three of us.  Boy was the cheapest as he will be 2 at the time so only cost £2!

So, something that I am only likely to be able to do for him once.  I’m pleased to say he was surprised and very happy with his pressy!