Liebster Blog Award! Pour Moi?!

The gorgeous Amanda over at Symon Sez has rather graciously given me the Liebster Blog Award!

There are some rules for accepting the award:

Rule #1. You must acknowledge the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.
Rule # 2. Give this award to 5 other bloggers. Please let them know through a comment on their blog.
Rule #3. Post this wonderful award on your blog.
Rule #4. 
Bask in the glory bestowed upon you and appreciate all the amazing bloggers out there.
Rule# 5. Enjoy and spread the good vibes around.

Narrowing it down to just five blogs was so so hard!  So here are the five bloggers I’d like to share the award with:

Ann over at Annabelle Bumbs.  Not only is she a pretty darn talented Seam-Star (Go see Oona’s post for a great post about what we call ourselves!) she is also an incredibly generous and wonderful person.  She’s helped me out as well as Liz at Zilredloh!  I’d like to think that we’re maybe friends as well as fellows of the blog and sewing world.

Liz at Zilredloh is another incredible Seam-Star!  I have learnt a lot from her tutorials and the techniques she shares.  I also bow down to her amazing productivity – both in cloth and yarn!

Prettynpnk over at Pretty Grievances has a brilliant sense of humour and has an incredible knack for finding fabulous inspiration pics!  She’s away with the Mouse at the moment but I hope she likes the award…

Elena over at Seamless deserves an award too as she is the originator of the Seamless Pledge that I’m taking part in.  She’s also not afraid to share when things go wrong!  Plus she has a brilliant style.

Last and by no means Least is the amazing super talented Lauren who blogs at Lladybird.  She can sew like no bodies business and is super cute too.  When I grow up I want to have some of her skills and a bit more of her attitude!

Okeydoke, I’m off to let these AMAZING ladies know…

The C Word

Yep, I’m talking Christmas!  Mainly because Tilly has relaunched this:

Hurrah for the Crafty Christmas Club.  A veritable treasure trove of ideas and a way of sharing your creations without those who are being created for getting a sneek-peak!

What is it?

A group blog for people making their own Christmas prezzies. A hub to discuss your crafty plans with likeminded people, gain inspiration from other craftsters, share tips and tutorials, and show off your finished goodies without spoiling the surprise to family and friends who might be reading your own blog.

Why would you spend time making presents? Isn’t it easier just to buy them?

Well yes, it is easier to buy them. But I know I’m not the only one who feels a little nauseous at the thought of all the frenzied consumerism that goes on during the festive season. Who wants to spend the whole of December battling the crowds in the shopping centre? I’d rather sit at home crafting a little something by hand, investing that extra bit of love and care into it. Stock up on fabric and glitter, invite some friends over to join in the fun, load up your favourite music, pour out the sherry, warm up the mince pies… bliss!

What kinds of crafts does it cover?

Sewing, knitting, paper crafts, crafty food gifts, jewellery, decorations, fancy wrapping, cards… and lots of other craftiness.

Sounds like a genius idea! How can I be part of the fun?

Why thank you, kind sir! Read the blog and follow our progress here. If you want to post to the blog, you can become a member by emailing craftychristmasclub at g mail dot com and I’ll set you up as an author. If you’ve got your own blog, send me the link and I’ll add it to the list of members. Ooh and help spread the good tidings by adding the button to your blog:

I don’t celebrate Christmas – can I still join?

But of course! If you’re making Hanukkah prezzies, Winter Solstice prezzies, or any other winter season prezzies for that matter, do join us!

Join us… join us… join us…

So, do as Tilly says!  There are only 72 days until the big day (sounds like ages and no time at all, all at once) so come plan and create with us!

Pay It Forward = A Free Something Lovely in the Post for You!

Want one of these in the post rather than bills?

So, I was wandering around in the blogosphere when I came across a comment from Andrea on A Fashionable Stitch post.  So I thought I’d pop over to her site and have a look see and she is taking part in something rather lovely.  And that rather lovely thing is called Pay it Forward.  You can read her post here.

I really don’t know where this started, but its such a great idea!  I thought I’d be a little impulsive and join in.

So, would you like a little something made by me for you?  And all for free?  Well, here’s the rules (there’s only a few…)

  • The first 5 people who comment on this post saying they want to take part will receive a handmade gift from me.
  • In return, they will first write their own blog post about Pay It Forward on their blog and commit to doing the same for five of their readers.

And that’s it.  Simple as that.  It would be lovely to see a post about what is sent too.  Have a look at what Nette made and sent when she took part!

Tilly asked “Are Sewing Bloggers Cultural Leaders?”

Tilly has asked on her Blog the following questions:
  • What does the online sewing community mean to you? Why do you participate?
  • What are your favourite examples of projects initiated by sewing bloggers that capture this spirit of collaboration, creativity and innovation?
  • Who are the “leaders” in the sewing blogosphere? Is everyone / can anyone be a leader?
  • Are you involved in any other network of makers, whether online or offline? What makes sewing blogs unique
There’s already some really interesting discussion in her comments on this and I thought I’d post my own thoughts on these questions.