Circle Skirt!

Wheee! Look at my lining!

Hey everyone, meet my newest wardrobe addition!  This is my circle skirt and I have to admit that I’m a little bit pleased with it.  You already know about my seam finishing, lining and zip.  And I have to admit I have really enjoyed taking my time over the construction of this skirt.


I love the pop of colour that the lining provides.

Being completely honest, when I first tried this on once I’d done all the hemming I was a little freaked out.  There is nothing like horse hair braid in our modern wardrobe and I was a smidge concerned that I’d made a bad decision in using it.

Full Hem

But nope, I love the fullness it gives to the skirt!  It helps to balance out my rather top-heavy torso and gives the skirt additional movement.  I wore it all day on Saturday, including a trip to the supermarket.  Admittedly in my brown tall boots rather than my gorgeous, vertigo inducing heels!  I was comfortable and felt confident in it.  And for me those are the two most important tests.  If I feel good in the clothes then they’ll be worn.

It’s fun packing it all into the car when I drive, but that just makes me smile.  I can see more of these in my future, particularly for the summer as it’s so comfortable and doesn’t restrict me in any way – great for running around with/after boy.

Why are we running backwards and forwards to the camera?

On the next go round though I will make a couple of changes.  The biggest being taking about 4 inches off my waist.  I can get my whole fist in between me and the waistband – I did err on the side of caution, but I feel I was a little too cautious!  I may add some belt loops later and remedy this with a belt, or a tuck at the side seam.  I’d also like to try using some gross grain as a waistband facing – so there’s no visible waistband, if that makes sense?

A more robust fabric may be in order too.  This will be hand-wash only as I don’t think it’ll cope with being shoved in the washing machine!  The fabrics would but I don’t think it’d do the hem any good at all.

Can you see the zip?!

I’ll definitely do a lapped zipper again, I’m really pleased how it came out and I like having the zip in a side seam.  I’ve really enjoyed this sew-along and the skirts really are very quick to make.  So thank you Casey for hosting the sew-along!

I wish I was a better clothes hanger for my skirt, but I’m getting there (very very slowly!) and I quite like how my legs look.  Do any of you guys feel very self conscious posting pictures of yourself?

Drafting Toolkit

Drafting Basics

Casey posted a while ago asking what our sewing related questions where, and I responded that I’d love to know what her drafting kit was as it’s something I’m beginning to explore.  Well, she’s only done a whole blog post answering my question!!!  Have a read here.

I’ll have to see if I can find something similar to the banner paper and examination paper over here in the UK as everything I’ve sewn so far has needed some sort of adjustment (normally a FBA).  Plus I like to trace my patterns and use the tracings, leaving the original wholly intact.

Since asking the question my kit has expanded a little and now contains:

Tape Measure
Yard Stick
French Curve
Tracing Paper
Sharpies in a LOT of different colours (they were on offer in the Back to School stationery at the supermarket)
Paper scissors
And of course, a pencil and eraser!

And, take note of this:

“This seemed a particularly apropos question to address, since I’ll be doing a little pattern drafting instruction in the upcoming circle skirt sew-along. (Don’t worry though, you won’t need all these tools—I’ll give you a supply list when the time comes!)”

Sounds like fun to me!

Day One: The Ginger Sewalong Starts!

So today is the first day of the Ginger sewalong.  Sunni’s post is here and she’s linked to her previous posts on this sewalong if you want to play catch up!

This is the timetable we’re planning to follow over the next couple of weeks:

Week One

  • May 16 – Opening post
  • May 17 – Tasia, the Sewaholic, gives us a dish on the best fabrics for an A-line skirt of this sort
  • May 18 – Sarai, from Colette Patterns (the Ginger’s pattern drafting company) gives us a look at the modern history of the A-line skirt
  • May 19 – Casey, from Elegant Musings, shares some of her authentic inspiration and style for A-line skirts
  • May 20 – pre-laundering tips

Week Two

  • May 23 – picking your size, pattern adjustments and muslin fitting
  • May 24 – cutting the final fabric, working with stripes & bias cut sewing tips
  • May 25 – inserting an invisible zipper
  • May 26 – a special couture technique from Gertie’s Blog for Better Sewing & finishing off the waistband area
  • May 27 – hemming and finishing

As you can see, Sunni has drafted in some of my favourite sewing bloggers to help out on this sewalong!  Tasia’s post is tomorrow about fabric (which I’ve already chosen, but maybe I could make two?!), the Sarai gives us a fashion history lesson.  Something I always find interesting but never really get round to researching on my own…  And I can’t wait for Casey’s styling post!

The pre-laundering tips on Friday will be interesting but I’ve already laundered my choice (a dusky rose cotton with small white polkadots) today as I had the time to pop it in the machine.  Then it’s the weekend so we can all play catch up, or I can go camping in Rutland!

Week Two sees me away for the first two days but back for the zipper, which will be really helpful as I’ve never put an invisible zipper in before – do I really need a dedicated foot?  Then the ultimate inspirational seamstress Gertie adds her post and we finish of the waistband then we hem and finish the skirt!  It must be a really straight forward pattern if we’re constructing it in a week?  My copy hasn’t arrived yet so I haven’t had a chance to check the instructions out.  Hopefully it’ll be here soon…  At least we aren’t sewing today otherwise I’d be a little bit miffed to be missing out and then having to play catch up.  Hopefully it’ll arrive very soon and I can make a head start.

Tweaks I’ve already planned for the dusky rose version is that it’ll be lined.  I’ve realised I’ve bought the wrong zip – it’s a regular zip rather than an invisible one, so I’ve got to go back to the fabric store anyway so I could get the fabric for another skirt.  Version two is likely to be in a deep royal blue to match the roses on some Liberty Tana Lawn that’s destined for the Violet pattern, and may have some piping around the waist band as it looks so cute on Sunni’s version.  I’ll probably line that one too.