Me Made May ’13: Pledge Time!


I’m in! Just a little note of explanation too as I’m aware that this may be a new concept to a few of my lovely readers. Zoe, who blogs at So Zo hosts a challenge each year to encourage us to wear the clothes that we make.

People make a pledge to wear a self made item each day, or three times a week, or whatever works for them. Some are not allowing themselves to repeat an item, others are not allowed to repeat an outfit. It’s about developing your relationship with the items you make and actually wearing them! This is only my second year in taking part, so;

I, Vicki of VickiKateMakes, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear one me-made item each day for the duration of May 2013.

As Zoe explains: “Me-Made-May ’13 (MMM’13 for short) is a challenge designed o encourage people who sew / knit / crochet / refashion / up-cycle / insert-other-creative-discipline-here garments for themselves to actually wear and love them. The participants decide the specifics of their own challenge pledge so that the month is appropriate and challenging for them” This is Zoe’s post all about it, and you can sign up there as well!

I’m not going to bore you with daily outfit photographs, instead I’ll do a round up each week. I’ll try and post on a Wednesday but that could prove interesting for the last week as we’ll be away and I have no idea what the interwebs connection will be like. So you may get ten days worth in early June once I’ve got home to my computer! But on the plus side there will be photos featuring a caravan, Legoland, Windsor Castle and where ever else we visit!

From last year I learnt that the hardest aspect of this challenge for me is the documentation of what I wear. I’m not exactly comfortable in front of the camera. But, this year I WILL take a photo Every. Single. Day. I’ll try and vary the setting, but the front door may feature heavily, or the building site in the back garden! Does anyone have any tips for self portraits? How to feel less like a dork or poses to try?!

A Personal Challenge

Sunni: Beautiful, Classic Style

I have to admit that I’m in awe of a lot of my fellow bloggers.  The ones who post beautiful outfit posts; whether for MMM or just as finished item reveals.  As you may have already worked out, I’m pretty rubbish at this.

Mela: Vibrant and Happy

The big factor in this is that I’m kinda shy.  I’m not great at putting myself out there unless I’m comfortable in a situation – so I’d be the blogger at a meet up hanging around the periphery wishing she had the nerve to be right in the middle.  At the same time worrying that people thought I was anti-social or standoffish, or as I’ve been accused in the past, when I’ve done more watching than participating, as snobby (this was nothing to do with sewing, may I add.  I know you guys would never come out with something like that.).

Oona: Just Wow!

What really got me analysing the lack of photos for MMM was this gorgeous post by Mela.  Her photos are always gorgeous and she always looks happy and relaxed in front of the camera.  I would much MUCH rather be behind it.  So I asked if she had any tips and she kindly replied.

“It really helps that I am such a ham. I love taking photos! It also helps that my husband is the photographer and I am most relaxed around him.

Don’t laugh, but I do take A LOT of photos playing around with angles. The photos come out well most of the time. But when they don’t it’s often because the lighting is off or we can’t figure out the right camera setting. Lighting is everything. If the light is soft (like on a cloudy day) my face doesn’t come out as harsh and the garments come out better in focus and more vibrant.

Play around in front of the camera. That will help you relax in front of it.”

Scruffy Badger: Photos Full of Personality

This all makes sense.  When I’m taking photos of others I take loads to make sure I get the image I want.  I check the light and try a load of different angles.  Technically I KNOW this stuff and apply it all the time.  What I don’t do is apply it to photos of myself.

Stitch and Witter: Winner of the Brave Photo Award

Being honest, I think Husband is as likely to get involved in a photo shoot for my latest Me-Made as a pig is to soar through the sky.  He only just found out I have a blog (despite being here for over a year – must have a blogiversary party!) and seems to find the whole blog thing funny.  He constantly takes the juice at my blog reader of ‘knitting friends’.  Which hacks me off but as you can guess, I ignore. 

Casey: Always so Elegant

This makes him sound like a complete git, and whilst he has his moments , he truly isn’t.  He uses ‘humour’ to deal with things he doesn’t understand – always has and always will.  He also has strong opinions about ‘quality doing time’ and as he works stupid hours (self employed) I can understand why his free time is precious.  Particularly time he spends with Boy.

Amy: Photos with Wonderful Atmosphere

I could be completely wrong though and doing him a great disservice and he may prove to be a very willing photographer!  As they say, if you don’t ask you don’t get!

Debi: Stunning Scenery and Style

The next step is to take more photos!  Whether Husband or friend is helping or its me and the self-timer or maybe a remote shutter release.  As I’ve already said being photographed is outside of my comfort zone, so I need to work at it until I am comfortable…  Oof, not a comfortable thought at the moment.

Meena: Queen of the Remote Shutter

To do this I’ll have to take the time to do it properly – not in a snatched moment here or there where it’s impossible to think about lighting or angles etc.  It must help to think about the shoot before I do it – try and plan the image I guess.

So, here’s my personal challenge:
1.  Ask husband if he’ll help take my photo for my outfits and finished items.
2.  Take loads more photos so that I become more comfortable.
3.  Take outfit pictures for the rest of May, starting tomorrow.

I don’t know which feels the most daunting at the moment!  But if it means that one day I can share photos like the ones above, I’ll be over the moon!

PS; I hope everyone will forgive me for using their images in this post.  If you would like to see the original article the picture appeared in, please click on it and it’ll take you straight there.  If anyone would like their image removing, please let me know and I’ll remove it.

Pledge Number 248:

I, Vicki Kate of vickikatemakes, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’12. I endeavour to wear one item of self stitched clothing each day for the duration of May 2012. I will also photograph what I wear each day. I will endeavour to blog once a week with a roundup of my outfits. This is my first EVER Me Made Month and I’m a little bit scared. In a good way – the exited sort of scared… I really hope my limited MM Wardrobe is up to this!

I have been dithering about this for the reason stated above!  Hence the 4 hours until it starts sign-up.  I’m scared that my MM wardrobe may not be up to the challenge.  I will tell you NOW that there WILL be repeats.  Definitely of items and more than likely outfits too…  My PJs from the Party are also eligible and may well be my saviour at weekends…

I can’t wait to see what you are all wearing!

PS:  If you want to know more, click on the banner to visit Zoe’s blog to find out more and be inspired by this incredible person…