A little bit of Christmas

A little bit of Christmas craftiness has been happening here, honest!  Isn’t it amazing how time just disappears at this time of year?  I don’t know if it’s because Christmas is at a weekend but it really seems to have crept up on me.  I thought I had loads of time and then earlier this week realised I had a week and a half!

Last weekend we went and cut our tree and decorated it.  I love having a real tree in the house.  We go for one with soft needles – less painful to decorate and they don’t seem to drop either, which is a major bonus!

The other bonus is that the wreath up at the top, on our front door, is also made from the tree.  The only thing I bought was the oasis ring that it’s all mounted on.  I used one of those ones where the Oasis is in a plastic ring.  I think it’s supposed to be used as a table centre piece, but with the addition of some ribbon so that it can be hung, it’s perfect for a door wreath.

The greenery is from the bits we trimmed off the tree, the baubles are spare ones that didn’t get used this year and the glittery flowers were in my christmas decoration stash, as was the sparkly gold ribbon.  It’s quite simple but the abundance foliage also makes it look quite luxuriant, I think!  And for the princely sum of about £4 it’s an absolute bargain as I’ve seen others in the shops (not as nice as this, blowing my own trumpet!) that were five times the price!

I’ve also finished the two snoods that are intended for my sisters (not that I’ve got around to photographing them yet…) and I’ve managed to cut and sew the darts and tucks on my Sencha.  I used tailor’s tacks for the first time to try and ensure accuracy and they worked pretty well.  The biggest thing I learnt though is to leave a lot longer tails as some of the tufts ended up a little stumpy, but they did get the job done!

I would love to say that I’ll get another post up before Christmas, but I suspect the crazy level is only likely to get higher around here over the next few days so…

Wishing you all a happy, joyful and peaceful Christmas.  I hope to see you before the new year!

Pay It Forward = A Free Something Lovely in the Post for You!

Want one of these in the post rather than bills?

So, I was wandering around in the blogosphere when I came across a comment from Andrea on A Fashionable Stitch post.  So I thought I’d pop over to her site and have a look see and she is taking part in something rather lovely.  And that rather lovely thing is called Pay it Forward.  You can read her post here.

I really don’t know where this started, but its such a great idea!  I thought I’d be a little impulsive and join in.

So, would you like a little something made by me for you?  And all for free?  Well, here’s the rules (there’s only a few…)

  • The first 5 people who comment on this post saying they want to take part will receive a handmade gift from me.
  • In return, they will first write their own blog post about Pay It Forward on their blog and commit to doing the same for five of their readers.

And that’s it.  Simple as that.  It would be lovely to see a post about what is sent too.  Have a look at what Nette made and sent when she took part!

Welcome to VickikateMakes

My Mini Moo Card

Good morning

Welcome to my blog about my bag making.  I don’t know how to describe it – obsession, love, preoccupation…  It keeps me awake at night whilst I think of designs.  How to make them a real life, useable, gorgeous piece of arm candy, or little somethings to hold the pennies or mascara or whatever you want to keep in a purse.

What free time I have is used making them.  I’m a Mum to a one year old, wife and I work part time.  My bags are made because it’s a passion and something I enjoy doing.

I love to give bags that I have made and see the joy they bring.  It’s a rush when someone in a shop approaches me to ask about my bag and I can say to them that I made it.  It was and is amazing when people have parted with money they  have worked hard to earn to buy a bag that I have made.

It’s this positive feedback from friends, family and work colleagues that has given me the courage to open a store on Etsy.  As I write this, the supplies for my first few bags for sale on the big WWW are at home waiting to be turned from flat peices of gorgeous fabric into 3 dimensional beauties.  Unique items that no one else will have.  One of a kind.

Whilst it’s amazing to sell to family, friends and colleagues, I can’t wait to make my first proper sale to someone who doesn’t know me but likes what I do enough to spend their money on it.  I want that person to love what they’ve bought as much as I’ve loved making them!

Vicki x