Pay It Forward: Looky Look!

Pay It Forward, Handmade by Andrea for Me!

Yesterday I received a package from Canada.  It was from Andrea and the customs label gave me a little hint as to what was inside…  On the label it said ‘Frame Purse’.

You need a toddler who eats trains to help you open international packages...

So me and the Boy (with the aid of a train) carefully opened the package to find this beautiful creation, a handmade card and a lovely hand written note.


Isn’t the fabric gorgeous?  It’s such a beautiful, calm and sophisticated palette and the little pocket inside the purse is a fabulous and practical detail.

Little pocket!

I love receiving handwritten letters.  In such a tech-led society we all communicate through the typed word fare more than the written.  And in a lot of ways I’m grateful for the technology as it’s put me in contact with fabulous people I’d never have otherwise met or been inspired by.  But I do love to look at people’s hand writing, and Andrea’s is beautiful.  It is such a thoughtful note too.  The fabric on the front of the card is so cheerful, and in my mind the aqua and deep rose is lovely vintage summer palette.

So, thank you Andrea.  For introducing me to Pay It Forward and for the beautiful purse and card.

Would you like something handmade just for you?  Join in with Pay It Forward!  It’s very simple – sign up on this post and in return for a promise and a handful of blog posts, you could receive something handmade by me, just for you…