2013 Top 5: Goals for 2014

2014 1Happy New Year and Hi, 2014!  You’re going to be a good year!

Whatever you got up to, I hope you enjoyed welcoming in the new year.  We’re so rock’n’roll that we watched Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides (err, not a great film IMO) and then went to bed.  I did wake up and watch the London fireworks on the TV at midnight though.

The last couple of posts, on Hits and Misses and Reflections and Inspiration, has really helped me come up with a plan for this shiny New Year.  I’ve got 364.5 and a bit of blank pages to fill and I really really want this to be a good year.  So, I have plans, but like all things they’re subject to change – you never know what life might bring.  The last two years have taught me that in spades!

There’s two sets of plans; one sewing and one life in general.  Both come down to this though:

Improved Health and More Happiness

Sewing is a big part of my happiness and this year I want to tackle my stash management.  Actually, I want to have some form of stash management as acquisition has outpaced use some what!  So the intention is a 2:1 ratio – 2 stash fabrics used for each new piece acquired.  This gives me some flexibility as I’ll inevitably get a fixed idea about a pattern and the fabric it should be made with.  This ratio idea stops that ‘forced project’ feeling and keeps my sewing fun.  I’ve also started to begin to feel overwhelmed when looking through my fabric which is insane as each piece was bought with a plan in mind or because I loved it.  This year is the year it gets a chance to shine!

I’m also going to perform a pattern cull.  I have way more than I can sew and some just aren’t ‘me’.  They need to be used and that isn’t going to happen sitting in a box on the shelf!  I’ll also feel happier as I won’t have this enormous stack of envelopes staring at me.  I’m a realist though, I know I’m going to see a new pattern release (probably by By Hand London) and get the want it now syndrome, but if I’ve got space then that’s OK.  And I’m more likely to use their pattern than some Big 4 one that came with a magazine (not that I’m knocking free patterns or the Big 4, my beloved S2588 was a freebie with a mag!).  I’d like to find a few more patterns I use more than once (currently Elisalex and Cami are my go-to bodice patterns), S2444 has been on the list to make for ages so that’s a plan for 2014!

I’d love to go to another meet-up this year too.  I loved meeting so many people in Goldhawk Road in the Summer of 2013 and would love to meet people in real life again.  Maybe on a less grand scale though so that I can actually talk to people properly.  It would be something fun to look forward to as well!

My ‘life in general’ goals are mainly health related.  I want to clean up what I eat and today is day 1 of a Whole 30 reset.  It’s going to be tough but I hope it’s the jump-start I need into a year of better eating and better health.  I dabbled with altering my diet in the latter part of 2013 and it did make a difference to how I felt, so I’m going to pursue that path more thoroughly this year.  I’m also going to make sure I move more as I sit on my bum at a desk all day when at work which isn’t great; cycling and yoga is the plan!

On reflection, I eat the worst things at work so I’m going to take a packed lunch with me each day and I spent some Amazon vouchers I was given over Christmas on a new insulated lunch bag and box.

My final ‘thing’ for this year is to take a little more pride in myself and value myself more.  I’m going to make more of an effort with my appearance and will do something with my hair and face each day; even if it’s only a bun and a bit of mascara!  I think the Yoga will help me be a little calmer too.

None of these are lofty or far reaching goals, I just want to improve the way I sew, spend a little less and live more healthily and happily.  Here’s to 2014…

2014 2