A Solution to My Jeans Issue…

From The Jalie Website

Hurrah!  The oft lauded and praised Jalie 2908 is back in stock at Habithat.  So a copy of this pattern is now winging its way to me (or will be soon!).  I’ve downloaded the instructions from the Jalie website as I read somewhere that they’re printed on the pattern pieces so this will make life a little simpler.

Now I can happily doodle pocket designs, a la Amy who inspired this whole enterprise!  Although my eventual reveal post will not start with a picture of my bum as it’s not as cute as Amy’s and I wouldn’t want to scare/scar you all LOL! 

As I had to go thread and zipper shopping in my lunch break today for the two current projects, I took the opportunity to pick up two reels of cadbury’s/liberty purple top stitching thread!  I already have some dark gold upholstery thread in my stash, but the purple is unique.

Now all I have to do is decide about the Kenneth King Craftsy Jeanius Course and finish the two far more pressing items of clothing already scheduled.  Oh, and stalk Tanit-isis’ blog as she is a master of this pattern!

But first, I really must cut out that back bodice piece and sew the toile of the bodice of my 50th Birthday Party Dress so that I can get on and make the final thing!  In fact I really ought to share a little more about this dress with you as I’m quite excited about it!  The deadline is Saturday 2 June.

Then of course it’s the Christening Dress which has been frankenpatterned and also needs toile-ing and fitting…  That deadline is Sunday 10 Juen.  So Jeans wont be happening until mid-June at the earliest.  Be prepared for a barrage of jean type questions and general panic when I get to it!