Happy 2nd Birthday

This week has been busy busy.  It’s the first week back at work (for Husband, any way!) and we’ve been trying to get Boy back into some sort of routine after the fun and chaos of Christmas and the New Year.  Whilst organising bits and pieces for Boy’s second birthday, which was yesterday.  I truly can not believe how fast the last two years have gone, and how much he’s grown and changed in such a short period of time.

Originally we weren’t going to get him anything for his Birthday as the Toy Lander took a lot of time and resources.  However we decided we wanted to get him something to open on the day from us, so Duplo (chunky lego) was the chosen present!  He’s really into building things and uses the Duplo that me and my sisters had as children a lot at Grammy and Grumpy’s house so we knew it would be a success.

Husband and Boy
The Concentration!

So, other than a little shopping and present wrapping my main contribution to our little boy’s day was this:

Yup, Land Rover theme again!  He was pleased as punch with it and keeps asking to look at it.  In all honesty, it probably won’t get eaten as none of us really go for cake (Boy dislikes it, Husband prefers fruit cake and I’m trying to be good!) but all the effort was worth it for his face.

I had to get his age on the cake somewhere!

We all had a really happy day.  I think one of my favourite memories will be watching him play with his bricks on the floor with his Daddy and then in the evening, with my Father.  I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!