Me Made May; Week 4 & 5

I made it!  I did it!  I wore one me made item each day of the month!  I very very nearly made it with the photography too, but that all went to pot in the last week…

MMMay week 5

I know I took photos on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th but they seem to have disappeared off my phone / camera / SLR.  I use three different cameras and I can’t find these photos on any of them but I do remember taking them!  None of it was new though, it’s all stuff already blogged this month, or blogged before; namely Jasmine, my dressing gown (I felt ill that day), and my Alma.  Then we were off for a week away in Chertsey.

This is my finished the day before we went V1247 top using a lawn bought from fabric land.  This was a great top for travelling (on the 25th) and then also wandering around Windsor Great Park (the 26th), which is where the picture is from.  On the Bank Holiday Monday (27th) we had a tourist day in London and flew on the Eye and did a river boat cruise as well as a wander around Trafalgar Square and Horse Guards Parade.  I wore my Blue Roses dress.

I failed to get a picture on the 28th – it was raining heavily and we spent most of the day at a swimming pool (which had a pirate ship and a volcano in it!  Boy went insane with excitement!), but on dry land I wore my Sencha as my me made item.

The 29th was a trip to Windsor Castle.  Whilst photos were taken of Boy and Husband I didn’t get any of me, so you’ll have to take my word for it that I was wearing my V1247 skirt!  The 30th was a quiet day as we knew what we had planned for Boy on the Friday.  We went to a science discovery centre which was great fun for all of us and my Mathilde was worn yet again!

Friday 31st May was the last day and we went to Legoland!  Boy had a brilliant day as did we.  We only managed a tiny amount of the park and I can’t recommend the Q-Bots enough.  Expensive but saves long ques with a small person.  I loved the Atlantis ride and just watching Boy trying to take it all in – we’ll definitely go back but spend two days there so we can see more of the park and do more of the rides.  It’ll be the last ‘term time’ holiday we’ll be able to take as Boy will start school in September 2014…  Anyway, a constant but un documented staple of my wardrobe was worn – my Sewaholic Minoru.


Like many other participants I was totally done with the self portraits by the end of the month!  However I have also realised that I need some more casual bottom half stuff in my life and maybe a few more causal dresses.  I’m looking forward to receiving my Hummingbird pattern from Cake Patterns as I want to make a denim skirt and this pattern looks like it’ll be perfect, and I hope Washi will become a casual summer staple dress.

I’ve also realised that I thought I was a trousers kinda girl but I’m actually much happier in a skirt or dress – don’t get me wrong, trousers are a necessity some of the time and one day I’ll be brave enough to tackle some jeans or Thurlow style trousers.  At the moment though my RTW jeans will be worn until they are not fit for wearing (which may be sooner than I like…).

It’s become apparent too that I love getting changed at the end of the day into something, comfy isn’t the right word, but something I can lounge on the sofa in and generally unwind in.  So I plan on making some more PJ bottoms as I only have one pair at the moment (the other pair got binned at the hospital back in October; I just didn’t want to bring any of the clothes I’d been wearing home).  I’m trying to justify the Tofino pattern as we type but I have a perfectly good PJ pattern as it is that could be adapted to have the contrast panel on the leg if I can be bothered.  I bet I end up just buying the pattern…

So, Me Made isn’t too hard to do now, self portrait photography is fun to begin with and them just becomes a chore by the end of the month.  I repeat a lot of the items I wear (but I knew that anyway) and I definitely need more ‘lounge’ wear and a few more casual separates.  I’ve enjoyed taking part and I’ve enjoyed reading other people’s take on it too.  I haven’t been near the Flickr side of things as quite frankly there are only so many hours in the day.  I’ll take part again next year too, but will probably only document via Instagram which will be easier for me and save those of you who aren’t interested reading a month of posts about stuff you’ve already seen!  I’ll still inflict a summary on you though.

So thank you Zoe for the inspiration and challenge.  It’s helped shape some of my sewing going forward.

Me Made May; Week 3

Wow, three weeks of MMMay 2013 completed all ready!  I’ll confess, there isn’t a whole bunch of new stuff to show you this week as you’ve seen it all before this month!  So rather than the same old same old outfit shots I’ve substituted some days with a detail of the particular garment.

MMMay Week 3 1

I was whinging about how much I like my Jasmine top but that I also hate the facings at the neckline and the suggestion was made that I cut them down and then treat them like a bias binding finish.  So that evening the scissors came out and I happily attacked the facings by cutting them down, turning them under to conceal the raw edge and then topstitching them down.  Much better.  I also tip my cap at the person who originally pointed out to me that finishing the neckline with bias binding would be a good idea when I queried the layers of fabric  at the neckline (I can’t find the post if it was on the blog, or the discussion board on Colette’s site).  Stupidly I ignored them.  They were right, I was wrong.  In fact it is highly likely that all facings will be blown out in favour of bias binding of a full lining.  Never say never though…

MMMay week 3 2

And I need more PJs.  Random, but there it is.  I need to make some more PJs!  Good thing Karen is going to do another PJ party, although I may need some a little sooner than that…

Only another week or so of MMMay to go!  So for those of you who try and avoid outfit posts, you’ve only got to suffer through one more weekly round up and then a final reflection post and normal service will resume!  I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but challenges like this help me focus on my wardrobe and what I need it to look like.  There is likely to be some utility sewing (as in stuff I’ll wear all the time) as well as continued ‘ooh, that’s pretty!’ sewing (things I wont wear all the time but I want to make anyway), commonly known as cake and frosting sewing.  The cake sewing though will hopefully still be pretty and challenging in some way, as well as worn a lot.  But I’ll muse on that a little more in early June (bet you can’t wait!).

succulent gardens

And finally, I’ve been really inspired by little succulent gardens (and they’re also very hard to kill apparently!) so me and Boy made some dinosaur gardens on Monday!  I’d like to find some pretty glass or ceramic oblong containers so I can put one on my dressing table upstairs.  A little greenery about the place makes me happy.


As does the arrival of some tickets.  I’m going to London for the meet up being organised by Claire on the 3rd August – Hurrah!  I am really really looking forward to it!