Some Progress

Last weekend I didn’t achieve a lot of what I wanted to achieve sewing wise.  And this week it’s been a bit hectic, what with one thing and another.  But the weekend has been a little calmer, and a little more productive!

Just in case the weekend was busy (when aren’t they?!) I planned my tasks in stages.  So rather than saying that I wanted to hem my circle skirt I broke it down.  It means that I’ve actually crossed off some of my ‘to do’ list!

So, for my reference (and probably to bore you!) here’s what my list looked like on Sunday night:

Trace pattern
Grade waist by slash and spread
Cut muslin pieces
Sew muslin
Fit muslin

Pin mark hem
Baste lining to shell along hem line
Trim hem to 1/2″ below hem line
Attach horse hair braid (HHB) following Gertie’s tutorial
Bind ends of HHB
Press and shape hem
Hand stitch HHB to lining fabric

Prepare purse pattern pieces
Order lining fabric
Interface shell fabric
Cut shell fabric
Cut fleece padding 

Hem my sister’s shorts

Sew Pendrell started last weekend

Once again, now that I’ve looked at it properly that is an insanely ambitious list!  But I got a reasonable amount of it done, which is brilliant!  My priorities were the circle skirt, but that has stalled as I need someone to help me pin mark the hem and Husband refuses point blank to help in that regard.  So I need to wait until I get to see my sister to get that stage done.  We were going to do it Friday evening but Boy was violently ill (I’ll leave it at that – it was spectacular!) so it immediately fell to the bottom of the priorities list.  I was also supposed to do her shorts for her trip to Cornwall that evening, and they weren’t done either!  Hopefully it’ll all be done for Friday so I can email Casey with the details as she’s planning a round up post!

Plum Sakura Fabric
Turquoise Bird Fabric
Tiny Anchor Fabric

The other priority was the purse pattern and fabric cutting etc.  The first three fabrics above have been cut.  Each fat quarter is enough to make two of these purses, although as yet I’ve only cut one of each.  A bit of production line sewing will be coming up once I’ve finished my circle skirt and Pendrell.  I may tackle these before I launch into my Beignet proper.  Please click on the photos of the fabric to visit the shops of the lovely Etsy seller’s who I bought the fabric from.

The Beignet was progressed whilst Merlin was on the telly on Saturday night.  It also meant I was with Husband as well.  He’s always bemused that I trace a pattern.  I’ve got as far as grading the flat pattern and cutting the muslin, but I’ve yet to sew any of it.

So all in, quite a productive weekend whilst still being able to enjoy time as a family and the beautiful but very unseasonable weather.  And if you have any thoughts you could share on this post, I’d be really grateful!

Curvy Oyster Purse

Here’s a purse that I’ve designed – what do you think?

What do you reckon?… I’m not sure about the proportions…

I love the shape of it with the darts giving it a lovely amount of volume and soft structure.  I’m also really pleased with the overall shape, it reminds me of an Oyster  with the curved clasp.  All ready to hide little treasures inside.

 What I’m not so enamoured with is the size.  Somehow the proportions look a bit ‘off’ to me.  I think the problem is that the body is a little too voluptuous for the frame to handle.
I think I’ll make another one up but with less length in the body but keeping the darts and width about the same, if you see what I mean?  I’ll post some pictures of the do-over once it’s done…  Any thoughts you’ve got about this one though would be really helpful!

And Then There Were Three!

I’ve now made three of the lovely basket bags as designed by Lisa Lam for my shop!  All I’ve got to do now is photograph them – not so easy as it’s now 11:30 at night!  I think this will have to be done in day light when my one year old is otherwise occupied…  I’ve also made little wallets that co-ordinate with the bags. 

I’ve also found a wonderful pattern for a key-ring clutch.  I’ve made one so far as a try-out and it’s the perfect size for lippy or balm and a few other little bits and pieces for a night out, or to put into a larger bag to help you find all those things that disappear to the bottom!  I hope to make loads more and pop these up for sale as well!

I’m going to make a couple of big, oversized bags as well, and some kiss-lock metal framed purses.  The biggest challenge is finding the time – hence the 11:30-ness of this evening!  Ah well, I actually enjoy the peace and quiet when one year old and hubby are asleep.  It’s a bit of “me” time!

So, night night all and sweet dreams x

Welcome to VickikateMakes

My Mini Moo Card

Good morning

Welcome to my blog about my bag making.  I don’t know how to describe it – obsession, love, preoccupation…  It keeps me awake at night whilst I think of designs.  How to make them a real life, useable, gorgeous piece of arm candy, or little somethings to hold the pennies or mascara or whatever you want to keep in a purse.

What free time I have is used making them.  I’m a Mum to a one year old, wife and I work part time.  My bags are made because it’s a passion and something I enjoy doing.

I love to give bags that I have made and see the joy they bring.  It’s a rush when someone in a shop approaches me to ask about my bag and I can say to them that I made it.  It was and is amazing when people have parted with money they  have worked hard to earn to buy a bag that I have made.

It’s this positive feedback from friends, family and work colleagues that has given me the courage to open a store on Etsy.  As I write this, the supplies for my first few bags for sale on the big WWW are at home waiting to be turned from flat peices of gorgeous fabric into 3 dimensional beauties.  Unique items that no one else will have.  One of a kind.

Whilst it’s amazing to sell to family, friends and colleagues, I can’t wait to make my first proper sale to someone who doesn’t know me but likes what I do enough to spend their money on it.  I want that person to love what they’ve bought as much as I’ve loved making them!

Vicki x