Finished Star Light Jasmine

When I was organising these posts I wanted to have some sort of order to them, so decided that I really ought to post them in the order they were finished.  So here’s my Jasmine – the first item that I finished of the four I revealed yesterday…

I am wearing this top to death at the moment!  I love it so much.  It’s comfortable, it looks elegant but is quite effortless when getting dressed in the morning.  It has some personality but is still work appropriate.  Taking the time to sort the fit was so definitely worth it!

Another bonus is that the cotton shirting I made this from is becoming softer and softer with each laundering too – a quality I’d overlooked in the fabric having made my decision  primarily based on the fact it had stars on it and that the pattern placement was random so I didn’t have to do any pattern matching!

Oh, and it also has the Boy’s seal of approval as the first time I wore it he commented “Mummy pretty”!  Yup, I love it.

The construction was straight forward (another benefit of making a muslin!).  You really do need to grade the seams at the shoulders though as you end up with a lot of layers there so fabric choice is also important.  Cotton shirting is about the limit of what you can get away with in my opinion.  Another option would be to omit the facing and use bias binding instead as the top stitching securing it would be hidden by the collar and ties.  I may be a little odd though as I quite like facings on a garment…

I also used organza as an interfacing on the facings and cuffs – thank you Annabelle!  I have to admit that I don’t think I’ll be using a lot of fusible interfacing going forward now unless its in a bag!  I much prefer the the hand of a sew-in interfacing and fabric combination.  Plus you don’t get that weird ripply, bubbly effect that fusible interfacing can give after a few washes (my hand mades go in the machine unless the fabric says otherwise).

This pattern has so much potential.  I’ve got some vintage anchor print rayon cotton blend that I think will be turned into a Jasmine, possibly with the short ties though.  I would also love to do one with a white bodice, navy collar and ties with red flat piping around the collar edge and also between the cuffs and sleeve.

Adjustments Made:
My usual FBA
Broad back adjustment

Adjustments for Future Versions:
Shorten the sleeve length by about 1″.  The cuffs get scrunched up in the crook of my elbow when my arms are bent – for instance when I’m typing.

Make Again:  Yes!

Whilst I’m not taking part in one week one pattern hosted by Tilly, I may do my own week at a later date and this pattern would be a serious contender…