Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap Button / Widget!

I have finally got round to sorting out a widget button thingy for the swap!  It’s not very fancy as I am still trying to sum up the courage to spring for Photoshop, but I hope you’ll like it?!


Here’s the code you need:

<div align=”center”><a
href=”; title=”Vicki Kate Makes”><img src=”; alt=”vickikatemakes” /></a></div>
<div align=”center”></div>

I’d love it if you could share the button on your blog!  I’m really looking forward to this swap, it’s shaping up to be a good-un!


Sew Very Merry Christmas Swap

Hurrah, I’m so glad that you guys like the idea of a Christmas swap!

I’ve done a bit of research and the earliest last date for Airmail international postage (that I can track down) is Wednesday December 5th 2012, so here’s the plan:

Sign-up for the swap will be open until Friday November 16th 2012.  The weekend of the 17th and 18th I’ll pair people up and email out details of who you’re swapping with.

Then it’s time to do some research, read your swap partners blog, send them an email to help guide your choice on the fabric you think they’d like – and then of course go shopping!  I thought a budget of £20(GB) / $30(US) (by today’s exchange rate provided by Google) was a manageable figure?

Feel free to shop your stash if you have something that you know would be perfect!  The main aim is to provide enough fabric for the person to make their garment of choice, but if you want to include notions, trim, patterns because you scored an awesome deal then that would be fabulous!

It would be lovely if we could all gift wrap whatever we’re swapping to make opening our ‘present’ a little more special on Christmas Day.  And it prevents early peaking (well it might…)

Then it’s time to post your parcel by Wednesday December 5th 2012 and send me a quick email so I know that it’s been entrusted to Royal Mail / USPS / AusPost / whoever your postal service is!

I’d love it if we could all do a show and tell by New Year’s Eve and I can then do a wrap up post on New Years Day sharing what everyone received.  I was vaguely thinking that we could do a ‘finished item’ share at the end of January?

If you’d like to join in please send me an email to
with the following information by Friday 16 November 2012:

  • What item you’d like to make and therefore the yardage you’d like to swap; it could simply be that you want to make a dress, or a skirt or top, or that you’re hoping for the Cambie Dress Pattern for Christmas and enough fabric for that would be amazing! (I estimate that 3 yards for a dress / 2 for a top or skirt would be about right assuming 44″ fabric)
  • If you’re happy to post internationally
  • Your email address
  • Your postal address (If you’re in the US, please provide the full ZIP Code as international stuff can go AWOL without it!)
  • Your blog address (if you have one – if you don’t its not a problem!)

This way I can match people up on the yardage and postage.  I really hope you all want to join in and have an absolute ball, get to know some fellow sewists and have a wonderful present to open on December 25th!

PS – Some sort of blog button is coming soon…  If anyone is any good with photoshop or that sort of thing then I’d be eternally grateful as I’m clueless!

For image sources, please click on image


A Little Swap and Sew Along?

I’ve been mulling this over for a while, and hopefully won’t fall flat on my face when I put this out to you guys! With (Gulp) Christmas descending upon us all at a rate of knots I was wondering if you guys fancied a bit of a Christmas swap which could lead to a new dress or top or skirt to be made and shared in the New Year? Plus the knowledge that you’re definitely going to get some sewing goodness under the tree!

My idea is that you decide what you’d like to make (dress / skirt / top) and whether you’re willing to post internationally. You’re then paired up with someone thinking along the same lines and you each buy the other enough fabric to make the item you’ve decided on. I’m vaguely thinking 2 yards for a skirt or top and 3 for a dress?

Hopefully we can strike up some friendships and explore some new blogs to discover what we think each other would like… I think maybe three “Yes Please” and “No Thanks” pointers would be a good starting point too?

I thought the pattern choice would stay with you and is a way to maybe ease a few who may be a little uncertain into the idea? It also keeps the cost in check too for those of us on a budget! Speaking of which, should we set one? A cost per metre/yard? If you score a great deal you could always add some notions or trims?

Then in the new year we can share our fabrics and plans for them; then the finished item a while later.

I haven’t got too much into organisation or dates or anything as I thought I’d put the idea out there and see what people thought! If its an idea you like the sound of, let me know in the comments. If you’ve got any suggestions to make it better then please please please chime in!

Fabric For Sale or Swap!

Liberty on The Line

After my post here about the Liberty Lawn and a chat with Annabelle I’d like to re-home my Liberty somewhere it will be appreciated.  So here’s what I’m thinking…

Would anyone like to swap this fabric for fabric from your own stash or patterns or anything else you’d like to offer in exchange?

Or would anyone like to swap this fabric for money? Oh, OK then, buy it!

Here’s the essential information:

Liberty Tana Lawn in the Nina print, dark blue / navy colour way
2.5 Yards
54″ Wide
Pre-washed, but will probably need pressing again

Make me an offer, either in the comments here or drop me an email!  I’m happy to ship internationally too!