Fabric For Sale or Swap!

Liberty on The Line

After my post here about the Liberty Lawn and a chat with Annabelle I’d like to re-home my Liberty somewhere it will be appreciated.  So here’s what I’m thinking…

Would anyone like to swap this fabric for fabric from your own stash or patterns or anything else you’d like to offer in exchange?

Or would anyone like to swap this fabric for money? Oh, OK then, buy it!

Here’s the essential information:

Liberty Tana Lawn in the Nina print, dark blue / navy colour way
2.5 Yards
54″ Wide
Pre-washed, but will probably need pressing again

Make me an offer, either in the comments here or drop me an email!  I’m happy to ship internationally too!


What Would You Make With This?

Just thought I’d put this out there on a Saturday morning…  I’ve got some Liberty Tana Lawn that I bought when I started sewing and I’m not sure it’s really me.  I was originally going to make Colette’s Violet with it, I’ve even got blue buttons to go with it!

Liberty on The Line

It’s the Nina pattern in dark blue, lots of tiny roses on a beautiful cotton lawn.  There’s 2.5 yards / just over 2.25 metres and it’s 54″ wide.  I don’t know what to do with it.  Should I just use it or should I try and find a new home for it?!  It’s suppose to retail at £20 a metre, so it’s about £40 of fabric so I don’t want to waste it by making something I’m just not going to wear…

So, what would you do?  Try and re-home it or make something out of it, even though I’m not sure about the print…

Day 4 of Ginger – Fabric Picks

Sunni has shared her fabric picks for version 2, which will be a mint coloured 4-ply silk and version 3, which will be a striped cotton/poly fabric which she also intends to line.  Casey has also done an amazing inspiration post for styling the skirt.  A lot of food for thought there and some ideas!

So, as it’s fabric day I thought I’d share my choices with you.  I’ll only sew version A as I’m not too keen on the waist band detail of version 2 and version 3 is cut on the bias which neither of these fabrics lend themselves too due to a lack of stripe!

This is the fabric I intend to use for the sewalong skirt.

My Fabric Choice

It’s a dusky rose with white polka dots and is 100% cotton.  I’ve prewashed this already at 40′ along with the lining.  Sunni recommends going darker for the zip, however the next shade after this wasn’t a shade or two darker it was way way way darker, so I’ll risk it with this one and have to be really careful inserting the zip…

Blue Ginger Supplies

For my second version which will likely be made after the sewalong rather than trying to do two at the same time is a plain navy poplin.  The outside of the skirt is the lighter of the two blues, and I intend to line this one too.  Casey’s post may come in handy in lifting this from being a plain, blue skirt.  Piping at the waist is already a consideration and I quite like the idea of a bit of lace at the hem…  This rather plain choice is a deliberate decision, if not particularly exciting, as I want it to go with the fabric choice I’ve made for the Violet blouse.

Violet's Bits and Bobs

It’s Liberty Tana Lawn!!!  I’ve prewashed this already and it washed beautifully.  I may have to line this as it’s a little bit sheer which I’m definitely doing for the Pendrell blouse, which is also a lawn, but not Liberty…

Pendrell Fabric

This hasn’t been prewashed yet.  It’s so pretty and I think it’ll look lovely with Sewalong Ginger.  My experience with the Liberty lawn is that the background came up brighter after washing, which this may do, but to be honest bright white isn’t great on me and I like the natural colour to the back ground.  I plan to line it with a bright white to help the colours in the water-colour print really sing.  I intend to do version B with this as the fabric is very feminine.

So there we go, a post full of fabric choices – very fitting for day 4!