Finished Beignet

I’ve finally finished my Beignet!  I sewed the buttons on last night whilst Mr watched the Gadget Show.

Facing, lining and a glimpse of pocket...

So, here we have the facing, lining and a glimpse of the pocket in the side seam.  I love these colours!

Needs a belt!

And here’s me with poor lighting with my hands in said pockets.  Please excuse the creasing around the waist – its not that its tight.  In fact I could have gone down a size at the waist, (I cut an 18 at the waist and 16 at the hips) it’s just that the corduroy seems to crease like nobodies business!

Beignet no hands in pockets
Hands out of pockets

Much smoother lines when I haven’t got my hands stuffed in the pockets.  Is it me or are the pockets quite a way back on this pattern?  The side seams are literally down my sides and I do think I prefer my pockets slightly further forward…

Ooh, the flash worked!

Yep, definitely needs a belt of some sorts…  I haven’t sewn the belt loops on yet as I don’t want to limit what size belt to use with this skirt.  I know many will just put a belt over them, but I’ve already got a non existent waist (although beignet suggests that I might, it lies) so I don’t want to add any more bulk there.

For MkII I think I may taper the lower sides so that the hem is narrower – I think it’ll give the illusion of more curves?

So, would I make it again?  Very definitely yes!  I’m thinking that mkII will be the original planned Navy, with bound button holes but a size smaller (there’s a LOT of ease at the waist) and with the tapered silhouette I mentioned.

The easiest bit?  The general construction of the outer shell fabric.
The hardest bit?  The curve where the facing meets the lining.  I had to go slow and steady and baste the two together as using pins was disastrous and led to it being ripped out, re-pinned, hand basted and then sewn.  Which worked!
The scariest bit?  Twelve buttonholes!  Practice helped, and then when ripping them using fray check on both sides before I cut them open, and using pins before each bar-tack as a buffer for the seam ripper.

All in I’m very happy with the skirt!  The model could do with some improvement (and I’m not fishing for compliments there, its just a statement of fact) but I like that this skirt suggests that I have some sort of waist!

3 Decades, 3 Prizes!

Sorry, this giveaway is now closed!

In ten days time, it’ll be my birthday.  My 30th birthday.  So to celebrate this milestone I thought I would do a giveaway, one for each decade – so I’ve got three prizes up for grabs!  I’m really pleased with the little packages that I’ve put together and really hope that you will like them too.

Prize Number 1

My first un-birthday present to you all is in the colour Teal!  A handmade baguette style purse (made by me) lined in a self-strip cream cotton, closed with a silver coloured frame.  There’s also 10 yards of teal rayon seam binding and a bamboo point turner.  Last, but by no means least is your choice of Sewaholic pattern!

Prize Number 2

My second un-birthday present to you all is in the colour Navy!  A handmade baguette style purse (made by me) lined in a self-strip cream cotton, closed with a silver coloured frame.  There’s also 10 yards of dark navy rayon seam binding and a bamboo point turner.  Last, but by no means least is your choice of A Fashionable Stitch belt kit and an eyelet setting tool to give your kit the perfect finish!

Prize Number 3

My final un-birthday present to you all is in the colour Purple!  A handmade baguette style purse (made by me) lined in a self-strip cream cotton, closed with a silver coloured frame.  There’s also 10 yards of plum rayon seam binding and a bamboo point turner.  Last, but by no means least is a copy of the new Colette Sewing Handbook!

I hope you like these little bundles as much as I’ve enjoyed putting them together!  I can’t thank Tasia of Sewaholic and Sunni of a Fashionable Stitch enough for helping me put this all together!

So, to win an un-birthday present, here’s what you need to do:

Leave a comment here, telling me which present you’d like; 1, 2 or 3 (or teal, navy or plum!)

For an extra entry blog about the giveaway, tweet or Facebook it

For a possible third entry, if you’d like, you can become a follower!  If you follow me already, please mention it in your comment telling me whether it’s via email, wordpress or RSS!

I will gladly post these internationally, so everyone can enter!  The draw will close at 19:40 / 7:40pm GMT on the 24 November 2011.  Why that time – according to my Mother, it was the time I was born!  And the date, well, it’s my birthday!

Autumn Colours

I seem to be drawn to rich, jewel colours this autumn/winter.  I find colours easier to work with at this time of the year as the saturation isn’t so searing.

Autumn Jewels - my palette for autumn!

Like the ones above – a palette I made on COLOURlovers.  I love the combination of teal and chocolate.  And plum works well with the rich brown as well.  The mustard adds some golden warmth and would be an accent rather than a solid for me.  Navy is my dark neutral or black.  Cream is my light neutral as I wash out if I wear pure white.  I seem to have chosen stronger, darker colours but all rich in tone.

When I make my Lady Grey coat (not likely to be this year – I don’t have the confidence yet…) I imagine it to be either teal or plum with a chocolate lining, finished with a flash of gold piping where the lining joins the facings inside the coat.

Other plans are for a satin Pendrell in teal, and maybe plum and a navy Beignette in a beautiful brushed cotton…  And of course my beret and fingerless mitts are in a tweedy teal too.  Oh, and if I get Colette’s Jasmine pattern for my birthday, I may consider a solid golden mustard piece.  Even if I said it’d be an accent colour two paragraphs ago.  Just look at Sarah Gabbart’s top she made for the Sew Weekly.  If that can’t change your mind, nothing will.

I love this so much!

This is the first time I’ve ever actually thought about what colours I’d like to wear and which suit me.  It’s helped focus me a little more.  I can understand why Colette’s Colour Palette Challenge is so popular!  I’m unlikely to create 8 pieces in 8 weeks, more like 8 pieces between now and spring.  But I’m not making any promises, or putting any pressure on myself.

Do you plan with colour like this, or are you much more of a sew with whatever pattern and colour combination inspires you at the time person?

Autumn Knitting: A Finished Object

Here’s my slouchy beret, all finished and blocked and ready to wear!

Star Crossed Beret

This pattern (available on Ravelry for free!) knitted up really quickly and I have to admit that I am in love with this deep teal colour (most accurately displayed in the picture above).  Below is a close up of the cabling and the centre swirl is created by the decreases.  I always forget (as a somewhat sporadic knitter) how much difference blocking makes!

Cable and Decrease Detail

Next up on my autumn knitting plan is a pair of these Evangeline fingerless gloves in the same wool.  The pattern is available on Ravelry for $3 CAD about £1.96 at todays date.  Reading the notes it’s apparent that a thumb gusset is needed, so I’ve already re-written the pattern to include this.  If you read the information on Ravelry, everything you need is there to enable you to do the same.

Oh, and go and see this refashion done by Zoe for Miss P’s Refashioners series.  Grandma kilt to sexy pencil skirt complete with fish tail.  Makes me want to find a grandma kilt…