Unselfish Sewing: It’s Curtains for Me…

Literally.  For my second ever piece of unselfish sewing (my first was a bag for my sister, the others I made to sell don’t count!) I’m sewing the new curtains and roman blind(s) for my son’s bedroom.

Click image for source – and comprehensive curtain hanging like a pro instructions!

I’ve never been so nervous about starting a project before! When I started sewing I guess I didn’t know enough to realise that I didn’t know enough.  Now I am very aware of the fact that I’m venturing into unchartered territory for me and that the stakes are pretty high – financially and because I want this to be as close to perfect as I can get it.  It’s part of Boy’s Christmas Present you see (whole new bedroom, redecorated, big boy bed etc) and these things are going to be in his room for a very very long time and I don’t want to wince everytime I look at them for the next ten years!

Fabric for the blinds

I am researching the life out of what is really quite basic sewing.  You know, straight seams only kinda stuff.  The intimidating bits are

1. Getting the measurements right and the resulting maths about widths and pattern repeats right (which will be checked AGAIN tonight) so that
2. I order enough fabric, and
3. I’ve ordered / bought all the bits I need, and enough of them.

Fabric for the Curtains
Click image for source

I mean, the curtains are seaming three bits of fabric together, hemming them and then sewing some pencil pleat tape along the top.  The hardest bit is going to be wrestling with such a big piece of resulting fabric!  The bottom hems will be about 3.5m EACH!  And I’m lining them, but that bit isn’t too bad either: sew three bits of fabric together, hem, sew right sides together to the other enormous bit of fabric and turn right side out and press carefully.

Weirdly, I’m far less intimidated by the Roman Blind which is far more involved in its construction but the maths is SO much simpler!

It’s the maths that’s scaring me…  Not a subject I’ve ever been paticularly confident in…  And if I get it wrong, it really is curtains.

The fabric is £10/m so definitely not at the expensive end of the market but I need 3m for the blind and 8.5m for the curtains.  And 11.5m of blackout lining which is £4/m.  So when you add all of that up, it’s quite a big chunk of money to drop into a project…  Never mind all the sundries like header tape, batons, acorns, curtain weight, velcro, cord…

But at the same time, if I paid someone to do this for me I know I would easily triple the price (and probably more…)!  Hell, if I put my time into the price it wouldn’t be cheap, but its for Boy, I don’t mind.

So, has anyone done this before?!  Any reassuring words to impart, or resources to share?