Wendy’s Travelling Pattern Stash

I’ve got to apologise to both Wendy and Zoe for not saying thank you earlier (although I did via email!).  Back in early January Zoe wrote a post about Wendy’s collection of patterns;

‘Today I’ve been rethinking my future sewing plans and have cleared out my small pattern stash.  I have thirteen patterns (most used, some not) that I know I will never use, they are all women’s clothing.  Sadly here in Luxembourg we have no charity shops to which I can donate them and I have no sewing community either.’

So Wendy and Zoe decided to hold a give away and guess which lucky girl won?!


I’ve decided to keep three patterns I know I’ll use in the near future:

Wendy's Patterns - Keep

I promised in my entry that I’d pass on any patterns I wouldn’t use, so yep I have some patterns to pass on!


These descriptions are the same as provided in Zoe’s post and I haven’t checked the envelopes – I’ve taken Wendy at her word:

Burda 8361 size 6-18; cut to 18
Burda 7293 size 10-20; cut to 18
McCalls 4769 size 12-18; uncut
New Look 6945 size 8-18; uncut
New Look 6104 size 10-22; cut to 16/18
New Look 6669 size 8-18; skirt cut to 18
New Look 6937 size 10-22; view E cut 16/18
Style Arc Samantha Top; cut to 16
Vogue 7837 size L/XL; uncut
Vogue 8634 size L/XL; cut

Wendys Patterns Giveaway

I’ll post anywhere in the world and I all I ask is that if there are any patterns you don’t think you’ll use that you do the same and pass them on to somebody who will use them.

This give away is open until midnight GMT on Monday 25 February 2013 and then I’ll use the random number generator to pick a winner!  Just let me know in the comments below if you’d like to put your name in the hat.