Hello All!

I’ve missed connecting with you all, so I’m gonna try and visit this space a little more often.  I can’t guarantee sewing in every post – sometimes it’ll just be ‘what I would sew if I didn’t need to sleep!’.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know about the writeon campaign.  It’s a way to communicate and connect using the written word instead of email, text, twitter or other instant electronic forms!  Basically to “promote joy, creativity, expression and connection through hand-written correspondence”.


I love receiving letters through the post that isn’t official but necessary stuff like mortgage statements, utility bills, bank statements.  Something unique, personal and a bit different from the ordinary always makes me smile!

So, I want to join in on the challenge and write 30 letters over the 30 days of April.  I have some recipients in mind already, but if you would love to receive a little missive at some point next month, email me your address and I’ll try to write to you!

See you all soon; I have my Jungle January SOI pencil skirt to hem and that will be my first completed garment in far too long!  I also have the glamours task of making some fitted sheets and Husband has requested some bags to put water containers in…


5 thoughts on “Connecting

  1. Hi there. I love the idea of this. Even though letter writing is becoming a lost art, I enjoyed sitting down with some special stationery and writing to my family and friends. It isn’t always reciprocated, but the letters are always well received.

  2. How nice to see you again! I can relate – I haven’t blogged since before my wedding… LAST OCTOBER! o.O I think about it but it’s just so much easier connecting on Instagram LOL. I like the idea of writing letters – I used to have pen pals when I was a kid (before the Interwebz) so it would be pretty cool to re-kindle that lost art ^_^

  3. I used to love writing letters to my aunt. I painstakingly tried to copy her beautiful handwriting and couldn’t wait to get a reply through the letter box. Those were definitely the days pre-children, pre-self-employdness… and pre-computers! It’s such a lovely idea. Good luck with your challenge VK x

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