Curvy Oyster Purse

Here’s a purse that I’ve designed – what do you think?

What do you reckon?… I’m not sure about the proportions…

I love the shape of it with the darts giving it a lovely amount of volume and soft structure.  I’m also really pleased with the overall shape, it reminds me of an Oyster  with the curved clasp.  All ready to hide little treasures inside.

 What I’m not so enamoured with is the size.  Somehow the proportions look a bit ‘off’ to me.  I think the problem is that the body is a little too voluptuous for the frame to handle.
I think I’ll make another one up but with less length in the body but keeping the darts and width about the same, if you see what I mean?  I’ll post some pictures of the do-over once it’s done…  Any thoughts you’ve got about this one though would be really helpful!

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