Belated Birthday Thank You

I apologise for how late this is. I really really do. I just wanted to say a massive Thank You to everyone who left comments on the give away post and especially those who emailed me direct with kind wishes and ebook pressies!

I had a lovely day and was (again) a very very spoilt person!


I was lucky enough to be given a white iPhone 4S which I know I am probably never going to use to its full potential, but love so much more than my Blackberry as it is SO much easier to use!



I also got given a lot of i-Tunes vouchers, some of which got spent on Kylie’s Abbey Road album (I am a child of the 80s…)  I have fallen very hard for this album.

I also bought all of Gabrielle Aplin’s catalogue as well.  Gabrielle has shot to fame here in the UK through her version of Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Power of Love which is being used by John Lewis in their Christmas Advert.  The music is so haunting and beautiful to me.  Makes me cry every. single. time.  Here’s the full length version and video.


I also received Craftsy classes (serger and photography ones), some Gingher snips (they are mean little beasties!) and the Sewaholic Cambie pattern which I am really looking forward to making!

Thank you again to you all, you helped make it an enjoyable day.  Whilst it was tinged with sadness here and there because of recent history, there’s nothing quite like getting messages throughout the day from your friends to make you smile and feel positive.

Here’s to the next year!


8 thoughts on “Belated Birthday Thank You

  1. It looks like you were treated quite well for your birthday! I’m glad you had an enjoyable day, because you sure deserve some cheer right now.

    Is a Gingher Snip a cookie with ginger (what I would call a ginger snap)? If so, those are my favorite cookie. I’ve got the ingredients all ready to go to start a batch when I feel up to it 😉

    1. Nope, not cookies! Lethal little scissors for trimming threads. Mmm, I love ginger cookies 😉

      Sent from my overzealous spell checking phone! Please excuse brevity and typos.

      1. Oh dear do I feel silly now! I’ve never heard of that brand of scissor. Thanks for clarifying 🙂

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