Supernova Tofino’s

I love wearing dresses and cute tops and skirts that I’ve made. I also love coming home at the end of the day and putting on something that I can lounge around in comfortably. Enter the Tofino pattern by Sewaholic!


I’d intended to make these at the time Karen ran her Tofino PJ party but didn’t have time to make PJs in the run up to my sister’s wedding. So these were made a while ago but definitely after the pyjama party. I absolutely adore the fabric and have to say a massive thank you to Kate at M is for Make in helping me select the right coloured solid turquoise blue to go with the Supernova fabric. I made the piping in navy and I don’t find it uncomfortable to sleep on.

In fact these have been keeping me company in Preston whilst I’m on a course for work. It’s nice to end the day lounging on the bed wearing these and a vest top whilst catching up with what you’re all up to and watching a bit of telly.

I did alter the pattern a little in that I took some of the width off the leg pattern and added it to the side panel to get a better balance between the two. I also lopped an insane amount off the leg length (a not uncommon adjustment with these!) and they still drag on the floor a little when I walk, but I like to be able to tuck my feet into them when on the sofa. Helps to keep my toes warm as I’m not a great fan of slippers; I’d much rather be in bare feet. Other than that they’re made as per the instructions and were a very fast and satisfying make. Not a lot more to say really other than these are incredibly comfy and just a little bit more glam than the rest of my PJ collection! I’m looking forward to making some more in a soft flannel for the cooler weather.

Simplicity Giveaway

PS If you fancy winning either of these two Simplicity patterns, please let me know which one you’d like on this post! You have until midnight BST / GMT+1 on Sunday (just before Monday begins!)

14 thoughts on “Supernova Tofino’s

  1. Never mind the pyjamas…which are lovely by the way. Do you mean Preston, Lancashire? And if so, why haven’t we met for coffee or dinner or something? 7 miles from my house!

    1. Yes I do! I’m on a course and will be back in mid October for an evening. I’ll have to email you and see if we can meet up!

      Sent from my overzealous spell checking phone! Please excuse brevity and typos.


    1. But there’s something to be said for oversized men’s plaid flannel bottoms too! I have plans for a lilac gingham flannel pair of these… A girly version of the mens I guess!

  2. These are so cute! I need to make some new pajama pants. I wear them like a uniform when I get home from work, and mine are all pretty old and disgusting (it’s a little embarrassing). The fabrics are perfect!

    1. PJs are the official ‘Yay I survived another day at work and now I’m home’ uniform. And sometimes they need to be a bit ratty and sometimes it’s nice to have something shiny and new! I intend to wear these until they fall to pieces!

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