When Did You Discover Your Style?

This is something I’ve been pondering for a while now.  What is my style in the sartorial sense?

I honed my work style, my style of speech, my writing style and even my interior style a period of time ago.  It evolves as I learn and grow but I know where I am in these areas.  Where I’m lost is in the way I present my physical self to the world.

I’ll be honest here, I have problems with the way I look physically at the moment.  I’m carrying too much weight and I don’t like how I look.  So I’ve hidden in jeans and oversized sweatshirts and not really worried about my appearance.  For a while I justified this to myself by the fact that I was a new Mum and that I was finding my feet in this life changing and for life role. 

My preparation had been cut a little short when we’d gone for the 12 week scan at the beginning of November 2009 and instead of the May 2010 due date we were expecting were told that little person had a due date of Christmas day 2009.  Or 7 weeks time.  I’d been (and am now back) on medication (bromocriptine) for a prolactioma which is a growth on the pituitary gland.  I was producing too much prolactin – the milk hormone.  We’d been told at the time of my diagnosis in late 2008 that I couldn’t get pregnant until they’d fixed this.  All the tests showed that I wasn’t fixed yet and I only did a test after a meeting with the consultant who mentioned pregnancy in passing.  Me and Mr had decided to see what happened in August 2009 so when this thought was mooted in the September, I hardly dared hope.  Clear Blue said 3 weeks +

That's not a 12 week old baby!

Anyway, I’d been trying to lose weight before I realised I was pregnant and failed, but it did stay reasonably stable.  Then I was pregnant, then I was having a 19 week pregnancy, and then I was a Mum in January 2010.  I was told that I needed to eat high fat foods to ensure my milk had enough fat in for the little person as he wasn’t gaining weight in the way they expected.  In hindsight this was a load of rubbish – my body gave him what he needed and I didn’t need to eat more, but as an unsure new Mum I did what I was told.  The simple fact was there were a lot of unknowns, including how overdue he was (I suspect more than 10 days…  He was 9lb 4oz and is now a skinny bean like Mr) and it led to a lot of anxiety on my part.  I’ve since learnt to trust my instincts on how he’s developing!

Gosh I’m going off on tangents! 

So, nearly 15 months on I’m not happy with my physical self at the moment or my style in clothing.  So I’ve started to research what I do like and started work on losing the excess weight.

I’m drawn to vintage, smart styles.  The full-skirted dresses of the 50s for example.  I’m drawn to tailored styles that are quite smart in appearance and classic.  The other realisation I’ve come to is that you can’t buy the clothes I like in a high street store.  So my wardrobe will need a bit of DIY!

I love these gorgeous Bella trousers on Burda Style.  The ones that have been made already are inspiring and I particularly love the short versions.

Tasia of Sewaholic has made a beautiful dress from an old vintage pattern that is no longer in print, but there are similar patterns out there.  I can see baby cord versions for winter with a cardigan and thick wool tights with patent heels and cotton versions for the summer.  Or a blouse with a full skirt with a high waist. 

Gertie has a style that I adore, it’s feminine but also has a ton of attitude.  Both she and Tasia are amazing seamstresses and their blogs are a constant source of inspiration and somewhere to learn things!

I now know where I’d like to go with my wardrobe and what my style is likely to be.  Unfortunately I’m a little too big to make any of the patterns up in the sizes they are available so the clothes will have to wait for the weight.  And I KNOW I will get rid of it.  In the mean time though I can window shop (and order the odd pattern here and there) and of course there is make-up!

I love liquid liner.  Benefit and Urban Decay are my choices.  I’ve always used it as a liner along the lash line having never been able to suss how to put a flick on the outer corner of my eye that looked right and was even.  Until I discovered the secret – the angle of the flick needs to follow the angle of your lower lash line.  You can then decide how big it is and whether you curve it back down or go straight across back to the line along your upper lashes.  You Tube has a ton of tutorials on this that will make much more sense than the above!  I have now perfected my lining style, which has made me happy!  I just need the courage to team it with fire engine red lips!

I’m 30 in November and I’d like to be a healthy weight by then.  I know where I’m going and when I need to arrive – I’ve just got to make the journey…

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