Happy Birthday Husband

Today is my darling husband’s 39th birthday.  This is the bouquet that me and boy made for him

All chocolate!  Boy loved helping with the tissue paper!

For his main present, and the once in a lifetime trip that I hinted at yesterday, I gave him a voucher for this…

Ben Ainslie Sailing for GB!

We’re going to watch some of the Olympic Sailing next summer!  We’ll be in the grandstand at Weymouth and Portland to see these races:

Women’s Elliott 6m – Match Racing
Men’s 470 – Two Person Dinghy
Women’s 470 – Two Person Dinghy
Men’s Laser – One Person Dinghy
Women’s Laser Radial – One Person Dinghy
Men’s RS:X – Windsurfer
Women’s RS:X – Windsurfer

Both me and husband spent a lot of time on the water, and it was in fact sailing and the Sea Scouts that brought us together!  I’ve also ordered a programme and lanyards for all three of us.  Boy was the cheapest as he will be 2 at the time so only cost £2!

So, something that I am only likely to be able to do for him once.  I’m pleased to say he was surprised and very happy with his pressy!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Husband

    1. Biggest thing is that I managed not to blurt anything out since I got the confirmation back in June! I am rubbish at keeping secrets like this as I’m so excited I want the person who I’m supposed to be surprising to share the excitement now. Nearly gagged a few friends though who nearly let it slip though as they knew I’d got the tickets – see?! Just can’t keep quiet! Thankfully I’m a lot better at keeping confidences!

    1. Thank you. I wanted it to be something he’d love. He isn’t very good at coming up with things he’d like as if he wants something he’ll go and buy it! Makes buying any sort of present for him a complete nightmare – but that’s part of who he is and I love him for it.

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