Jasmine and Fitting

I’ve finished my Jasmine muslin! It fits OK apart from the fact I can’t comfortably reach my arms forward. They’ll go but it’s tight across my back when I do, and it’s enough to make it a grade A pain in the rear, unwearable pain in the rear!

So I’ve done some research on the whole issue and as there are no fitting issues when I’m just stood there, none of the standard fixes looked like they were going to cut it. Enter the wonderful Sunni of A Fashionable Stitch and this adjustment post she did when she was making her naughty secretary dress (Simplicity 2724).

As you can see the method to gauge how much to add does involve taking scissors to the top, but as it’s not really wearable, I guess I’ll get over it… So I’ll slash, reach forward and see how much I need to add then follow her steps for altering the pattern. Thank goodness I made a Toile/muslin!

Once this final alteration is done I can finally get on with the starry version!

7 thoughts on “Jasmine and Fitting

  1. Wow, what a helpful post! Thanks for the link, I have noted the book she used as well – always looking for more awesome garment fitting and couture technique books šŸ˜€

    It sure does suck that you have to slash your creation, but at least your starry dream fabric is still safe, and your sacrifice now will ensure it gets transformed into something that could be a real favourite ^__^

    1. Aren’t reference books great? I love reading them (but then I think I’m probably a bit weird!). Hopefully these adjustments will solve the problem… I make another version just in case though but see if I can leave adding the collar until the end if the sleeves / back is OK!

  2. This why I like wearable muslins! Even if they don’t turn out, you did not destroy your lovely fabric. Can’t wait to see what the final blouse looks like.

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