Simplicity 2588 MkII – The Office Version

So, here we are!  The second iterations of S2588 has been finished since, hmm, November-ish?  Why no photos until February, 3 months later?  That’d be my usual run and hide reaction to the camera.  I feel uncomfortable in front of one, even more so if Boy and Husband are around so I needed to have some time on my own.  Oh and some decent light; not too much to ask in the northern hemisphere at this time of year!

So I give you my most worn dress:


I didn’t make any changes from my first version.  I used a prince of wales plaid wool that I bought on eBay last year.  It’s fully lined with a green that picks up the green in the plaid.  I call it kiwi, husband calls it sludge green!  I machine hemmed the circle skirt but did something weird when I attached the seam binding, so the binding acts like flat piping.  I like the effect though!


There are some errors in the construction of this dress – all of them centred around the grain of the skirt around the zipper.  I don’t care though as this dress was therapy in October and early November; it was a way of shutting up my brain as only sewing can.  When I’m immersed in what I’m doing, concentrating entirely in the moment I’m not thinking about anything else.  This dress gave me some of that stillness I needed.


I feel comfortable, smart and business like in this dress so it’s a definite win.  It makes getting dressed for work an absolute breeze and thankfully doesn’t have any associations when I look at it.  I wear it at least once a week – definite win!

41 thoughts on “Simplicity 2588 MkII – The Office Version

  1. Nicely done (and modelled). I like the contrast green lining as well. I tend to wear my makes (a bit or a lot) before blogging them. If I don’t wear them heaps they are usually bloopers or just not me (so a blooper by association XD).

  2. I get what you’re saying about being in front of the camera. It’s gets better with practice…I promise.
    But back to the dress…this is just lovely. It’s businesslike without being stuffy, and cute without being cutesy. The fabric choice is super. Love it!

  3. I love this- the shape is so flattering and the lining so frisky! I know people say tracing the pattern or hemming is the sewing chore they hate most, but I think it’s really posing! It’s so hard!!

  4. Look at that sassy model lifting her skirt to the camera 😉 This is a gorgeous dress and I understand why you wear it about once a week! What a smart fabric choice, and I love the pop of color from the lining.

    1. Thank you Anne! I live a bit of hidden colour and you have we’ll and truly converted me to sewing with wool! Thanks for all the tips on pre-washing it!

  5. Lovely dress Vicki 🙂 I do love a Prince of Wales check… there was a dress + jacket in Oasis in that fabric in the 90’s I soooo wished I’d bought at the time, it was a knock off of a designer suit (Versace maybe?) and I still remember it vividly now (I guess I ought to sew one really LOL ;)!)

  6. vickikate, I love this and your last make!! So flattering on you. Do you have a secret for these perfect hems?? Do you measure up from the floor? Or have a helper?

    1. My secret is a vintage hem marker and pestering my husband to help me pin mark with it! That and pressing the heck out of them once they’re done to make them crisp and avoid bubbling as much as I can. The hem markers can be hard quite cheaply on eBay.

  7. Work it Vicki! You look awesome and so does the dress. That spot of green is perfect. Man, the fit is perfect. Nice!

    I also loved your turquoise (teal?) dress. What a great dress to make a statement.

  8. I love this on you! Way cute! The lining is such a fun pop of collar! Love it paired with those shoes, too. Your fitting abilities are awesome– this fits you so perfectly!

  9. Love love love this on you, Vicki… especially the super gorgeous lining & hem finishing!! 🙂

    I TOTALLY relate to your aversion to photos; I procrastinate blogging makes for the exact same reason – at least your photos look awesome!! ^_^ Keep on inspiring us, girl! 🙂

    1. Yours always look good too! We’re our own worst critics. I’m just gonna keep forcing myself to get in front of the camera until it’s slightly less painful!

  10. What a lovely dress this is! It’s fits you wonderfully, and the flash of green is perfect. You can see from your pictures that you’re really comfortable wearing it, which is the ultimate test for any item of clothing really, isn’t it? Nice one!

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