Weddings and Goldhawk Road

Umm, Hello?  Is anyone still there?  Please accept my apologies for dropping off the face of the earth for six weeks.  Life kinda happens and it was case of sew or blog; I took the selfish option and spent time with my machines.  In another post I’ll have three new dresses to show you although you get a glimpse of one later on…  It’s nice to be sat here writing again as I’ve missed the interaction we have on this little web page.

Last time I was part of your feed content, I was in panic mode for my Babyiest sister’s wedding on the 19th June.  Well I’m pleased to report that it all went very well and she’s now a Mrs.  The veil was finished in time as was the hem on my Mother’s dress and I think everyone had a good day.  It was a very hot and humid day, the first indicator of the good weather that was headed our way.  It was an outside civil ceremony and quite short, but also lovely too.

Wedding 1

There you are; me, Mother, Babyiest sister and Middle sister.  None of us look very much alike!  Another bridesmaid and her daughter, plus Boy and Me began the procession down the aisle followed by Father and Babyiest sister.

Wedding 2

The new Mr & Mrs signing the register and then getting photographed by pretty much everyone.  Boy had completely lost interest at this point!

So in between then and now I’ve been working, studying for a course for work which has also involved nights away (traumatic for all of us as I’d never left Boy before, let alone 3 nights / 4 days for two weeks on the trot) and also been looking forward to  my first ever sewing meet-up!

Goldhawk 1

On Saturday 3rd August I joined 37(?!) other like minded souls in Goldhawk road to shop, swap and chat the day away.  I finally got to meet some ladies I’ve been ‘talking’ to for a very long time; Claire (our fearless organiser), Roisin, Rachel (who was here on holiday from Brisbane), Amy, Kat, Emmie and Dibs!  I also got to know some new faces – Hi Alison!  The group shot of Emmie, Alison, Roisin, Me (in one of my new dresses), Rachel and Amy is shamelessy ripped from Roisin’s blog which if you don’t read, you really should.  The photo was taken by a very dapper looking Nic or ‘Roisin’s Boyfriend’ as his name tag proclaimed!

We had an hour of shopping before meeting up for lunch.  Let me tell you as a girl from the country, Goldhawk road is overwhelming!  There is so much choice you almost can’t cope!  I say almost can’t cope but I did make a few purchases but I also came home with money in my purse…  The prices are jaw dropping too.  I’m used to paying £10/m or more.  Cotton shirting at £3.50/m?  Wow.

Goldhawk 3

So I bought four different shirtings for Boy.  His favourite is the pale blue check, followed by the navy plaid, then the stars and finally the waves.  He’s got quite conservative tastes that little man!  The navy blue irregular polkadots is a cotton sateen and is going to be a By Hand London mash-up-maxi.  The pink and blue/lilac is a cotton brocade and is destined to be the lining of another By Hand London pattern.  The purple is a gorgeous knit that I got for £4/m with a slight crosswise stretch but not stretch along its length – I guess it’s a stable knit?!  I have very little knowledge of knit fabrics but this is going to be a Tiramisu and as I bought 3m there may be a top as well…

These were bought both before and after our lunch at Liz’s Cafe.  The food was lovely and they coped with such an enormous group really well.  It was then time to experience my first swap!  I’d bought some yarn, a few patterns and a couple of lengths of fabric to go into the enormous pile!  I only came away with two pieces though; a navy cotton twill to be paired with the brocade above and a length of tiny houndstooth fabric which is very drapey.  I think it’ll probably become a skirt.  Also a bag of buttons; just plain mother of pearl effect ones that will be perfect for a certain Boy’s shirts!

Goldhawk 2

I sat with Rachel for lunch and had a lovely time chatting to her and the others around us (whose names I have forgotten – I am so sorry!).  There was much admiring of her Miette cardigan.  I just wish I had the patience and the time to knit, but I don’t.  Doesn’t stop me appreciating the skill in others though!  I also got the chance to finally say Hello to the wonder that is Dibs!  I have read her blog forever and she is just a gorgeous person.  We didn’t get to chat long, but hopefully we’ll cross paths again and get to chat properly.  Both of the above photos are from her camera!

Goldhawk 4

After lunch, there was time for more shopping and I bought my favourite piece.  This is a border print and I know exactly what I’m going to do with this piece of stretch cotton sateen.  But I’m not telling you yet!

So, two fabulous days but for different reasons.  No more weddings in the family for the foreseeable future but I’d love to do another blogger meet-up next year.

18 thoughts on “Weddings and Goldhawk Road

  1. Wow you’ve been busy. Your sister makes a beautiful bride and you look gorgeous in both your dresses too. I was miffed I couldn’t make it to this meetup. Maybe next time…

  2. Aww, it was nice to finally meet you too Vicki. We must have a decent chat when we next meet. Goldhawk road can be quite frightening on your first visit there, so I totally understand what you mean.

  3. It was an absolute pleasure to meet you, Vicki – it was my main reason for coming along, if that doesn’t sound too stalkery?! Anyway, I really hope we can do it again soon xxx

  4. Vicki – your family all look so lovely & happy at your sisters wedding (those events are so stressful in the run-up, but great fun on the actual day aren’t they?:)).

    And, it was so lovely to finally meet you in real life (I got a a bit excited when I spotted you on the same tube train when we arrived at the start of the day – I hope I didn’t startle you too much with my enthusiasm LOL?). Thank you again for coming – and would love to catch-up with you better a future meet-ups hopefully 🙂

    1. It was a great start to a great day and also jolted me out of my nervous state! Hopefully it’ll be a little less manic or maybe we’ll have to focus on the social rather than the shopping? Maybe we should rob the Aussies Sewcietea idea?!

  5. Wow, what a nice wedding! You gals all look so beautiful! I hope it was a very happy day for sis and the rest of y’all. 🙂

    And yay! A meetup! I’m so glad you got to go to one– they’re boatloads of fun! I love the dress you wore– it’s one of my favorite things that you’ve made!

    1. Thank you sweetie! The bridesmaid dress was a ‘mare – nearly flashed people more times than I care to remember!
      The Meetup dress is a fave too; need to get some photos done so I can show you properly!

  6. Six weeks can go by so fast, especially when you are so busy with happy activities! 🙂 Glad you’re doing well, and happy to see you back 🙂

  7. Nice work on the dresses. Weddings have a way of consuming all available time. Our daughter just got married in July and it seemed like time stopped for weeks leading up to the event. Blogs are hard to keep up with. Sewing is more important!

  8. Great finds, I have a heard a lot about Goldhawk Rd. If I am ever in the UK, I’ll have to visit. Did you make your sisters wedding dress?

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