Wow.  2014 has been one heck of a year and I know I disappeared for a lot of it.  Growing a small person takes up a lot of energy – physical and mental.  Today though marks the beginning of the countdown to meeting them for me though.  I finished work today and have a couple of weeks annual leave before my maternity leave begins.  It’s a relief as I was having re-occuring nightmares about my waters breaking in the office!!

As my pregnancy with Boy was so short (our first scan dated him at 32 weeks), I always said I’d like to have one pregnancy where I do things properly.  The last nine months have felt like the longest period of time whilst also disappearing so fast!  Certainly the last couple of months have proven to be interesting and challenging all at once thanks to gestational diabetes.  I’ve spent more time up at the hospital than I ever have in my life, but I also know that the amazing staff there are doing everything they can to look after me and our baby.  I’m amazed by what they do and what they continue to do.  The NHS is an amazing thing.

I’m reconciling myself to the possibility of being admitted next week if our smallest person is still transverse (whilst they’re not measuring big, there is a LOT of fluid in my rather epic bump so they’re still summersaulting) and also induction at 38 weeks is pretty much guaranteed if they’re head down.  Whilst it’s nice to work to a time frame, there’s a certain amount of stress that goes with it as they are being generated by medical risks.  Plus, the thought of being on a ward for two weeks fills me with dread; I’m worried about Boy and Husband (who started a new job on Tuesday) and also being bored out of my tiny mind.  But the most important thing is that our baby and I come out the other side happy and healthy.  I trust my consultants and will do what they recommend!

I don’t have a ton of sewn items to show you, although I have sewn two things that get worn a LOT.  The first being So Zo’s maternified Dolore’s top.  As my maternity wardrobe is basically shades of blue and black, the fact that this top has purple and orange in it  and is made from Liberty jersey, means it just makes me happy every time I wear it.  Which is as often as possible!!  As it’s also two big panels of fabric it will see new life as a new top at some point in the future – something I think Zoe would approve of.

The other is my Papercut Patterns Milano cape.  I love the fact that so many from the sewing community helped me out when making it (Karen’s Bound Buttonhole e-Book, Madalynne‘s advice on redrafting the collar so it wasn’t flat, Emmie providing the horsehair canvas for said collar) and that it is so warm and fits so easily.

So one item that took less than a metre of fabric and an afternoon to make, another that took miles of fabric and a significant investment in time.  Both have filled solid gaps in my wardrobe and will continue to do so.

What this period of time, that has at once been so slow in passing but also going by in a heart beat, has taught me is that I expect ridiculous amounts from myself.  And of others.  I have high standards and I don’t intend to let these slide, however I do want to be less rigid.  I want to develop a little more fluidity into my life, grant myself and others some grace.  So I’ve chosen Grace as my word to focus on throughout 2015.  I like the many definitions of the word; from the balletic elegance of a dancer, a type of poise and presentation as well as the elements of mercy, patience and goodwill.  These are all elements I want to bring into my life over the next year and demonstrate to others.

Of course, I still have plans but I’m not going to be so rigid in their application.  If a planned make comes together or not I will not berate myself about it.  I’m not going to hold myself to arbitrary timelines or schedules.  The imminent life changes are going to make sewing and blogging time scarce and whilst there are things I would like to achieve this year on both these fronts I’m not going to hold myself to them mercilessly.

My main focus will be my family (which is where it should be), closely followed by my health and well being (some of which is vanity driven regarding my personal aesthetics) and after that will come my wardrobe.  There are a few things I want to try this year, and elements of my wardrobe I want to develop but most of these focus on returning to work.

Spending six months or so in a limited (three dresses, one skirt, one pair of jeans and a few tops) wardrobe have made me focus on exactly how I want to present myself to the world.  My beloved fit and flare dresses in prints are here to stay – I adore them and the fabrics they show case.  What I want to develop is my work wardrobe.

It doesn’t need to be vast but having re-visited Colette’s Wardrobe Architect series and the hiatus from my usual wardrobe means that I now have a very clear idea of how I want to present myself as a professional.  It includes a nod to vintage elements with quirky details and silhouettes that work for me.  If a top is fitted, the bottom needs some volume or fluidity and vice versa.  Think pencil skirts with flowing blouses (BHL Charlotte / Blue Ginger Doll Betsy paired with Sew Over It Pussy Bow Blouse) or wide legged trousers or flowing skirts (Sewaholic Thurlows / Hollyburn) with a fitted top (Sewaholic Alma / princess seamed shirt).  Yes, I appear to have a thing for Tasia’s patterns when it comes to my ideal work wardrobe…

Work Wardrobe

I also really really want a shirt dress just like Annabelle’s and have bought the pattern – it’s the tabs to hold the sleeves up (a detail I just love!) as well as my beloved fit and flare silhouette.

I do have some pre-work sewing loosely planned.  The above shirt dress that depending on fabric could work in both home and professional settings as well as Tilly’s Miette wrap skirt that will be able to cope with my body fluctuating for a while after birth.  Beyond that, we’ll see how the mood takes me.

I must send a massive THANK YOU to my Crafty Secret Santa (hosted once more by Kat) – I adore the fabric you sent me and the card is a piece of art.  Thank you so much for the evident time and effort that went in to your gift to me.  You’re wonderful x

I hope you all have enjoyed your Christmas and New Year celebrations and whilst I know I have been rubbish at commenting on blogs recently, please know that I enjoy reading what you’re up to and living vicariously through you all!  Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2015 and I’ll catch up again with you all at some point!!

13 thoughts on “2015

  1. Yay, you found the time for a post! Grace is such a lovely word, and I do hope you are able to extend lots of grace towards yourself in 2015. What a great idea to revisit Colette’s Wardrobe Architect and start thinking about these things before having baby. I know I became obsessed with fashion after having a baby because wearing the same small wardrobe for nine months makes a person crazy. Just remember to give yourself grace when getting back to your pre-pregnancy body and planning to sew for it. I found myself much happier when I made a few things in a larger size and accepted that these pretty handmades were worth the time even if I would eventually find them too large.

    I hope you love the McCall’s shirtdress pattern, it’s truly one of my favorites and I want to make one of each version. Happy 2015 Vicki dear!

  2. Oh, lady, what a beautiful post! Grace is a wonderful word to think of this year… I know it’s very easy to get sucked into holding yourself to ridiculous standards. Sometimes I feel this immense weight of pressure, pressure that I’m putting on myself and that isn’t coming from anyone else! It’s good to have high standards, but not good to suck all the joy out of life trying to adhere to them!

    I’ll be thinking of you and the whole family so much over the next few weeks! Lots of love!

    1. Big, sloppy, smooches to you missus!! I can completely understand and it’s daft when we’re the ones holding ourselves up to such high (and in my case, often unobtainable) standards! It’s awesome to hear that about the Miette as well, although I really should actually tape the ruddy thing together sooner rather than later… But, there’s no rush either?! See, trying to give myself some lee-way there…

  3. PS- I made the Miette skirt for my sister as post-baby wear and it worked really well! Nice to have some adjustability… she’s still able to wear it, just by tightening things up a bit!

  4. Happy new year, lovely lady! This is such a wonderful post and I love the idea of grace as a focus for 2015! Wishing you and your family a fabulous year ahead- may it be filled with laughter and good health and of course fun! xx

  5. Wonderful post. Glad to hear you’re giving yourself room to breathe a little. I know this last year has been rather too full for comfort. And you’re right, you and the little one are the priority right now. Take very good care of the both of you and we’ll see you on the other side. Can’t wait to meet the new bundle.
    Wishing all of you a joyous, healthy and grace-full New Year xxx

    1. You’re year has been up there too! I hope you get some equilibrium this year as well. You and the Mr have worked so hard for it. I really hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you all!

  6. I admit I have little to no idea what it’s like growing a small person but I always tell my person-growing friends to just go ahead and be good to yourself because it’s probably one of the most unselfish things one can possibly do.

    Perfectionism, however, I can totally relate to. I used to think this was a positive trait but in the last year or so I’ve begun to reconsider – it certainly takes its toll on our stress levels and all too often on the ones we love most 🙂 I often get told “perfect is the enemy of good” and I scoff, but in some ways it’s true – sometimes we struggle so hard for perfection that we totally miss the wonderful learning opportunities along the way – the very ones that LEAD to perfection naturally, in the course of good time!! LOL

    Whatever your goals turn out to be, It’s a very good idea to allow some grace in your life, particularly towards yourself, and particularly since you will have a brand new little one very soon – I wish you a wonderful, and joyful year to come, and I hope you will continue to be good to yourself – you are much loved 🙂 XOXO

    1. I agree with you about the perfectionism thing – I used to think it was a positive thing too but I’m not so sure now. The journey is just as important and often teaches you far more, doesn’t it!! I hope you have a great year too!!

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