Easy Sewing

Yesterday I wanted to do some easy sewing; something quick and simple but something that would also be useful.  With braxton hicks and baby kicks taking up pretty much every waking moment (and waking me up!) it was always going to be baby related.

Baby Blanket

I’d always planned on making a blanket for the baby as they’re one of those things you can never have too many of.  We have them strewn around the house and in the car when Boy was small and I doubt this time around it’ll be any different.  In fact I ordered the fabric from Plush Addict months ago, pre-washed it and then… Nothing.  I guess I got this weird idea into my head about tempting fate and all that, so it just sat there.

Until yesterday, when I used Jane’s tutorial for making a very simple baby blanket.  The only things I did differently were to round the corners (using a saucer to get the round) and slip stitching the gap closed, because I’m obsessive like that!  Oh, and use dimple minky because IT’S SO FLUFFY!!

Found on Pinterest – can’t find the original owner…

We don’t know whether we’re having a boy or a girl and to my mind, pewter grey and aqua would work well for both.  I like them too so that’s what I used!!  I was careful pinning this together because Minky is a knit and the polkadot is a woven so there was the potential for it all to shift around a fair bit.  The only other thing I did was to sew with the cotton uppermost.  There really isn’t a whole lot to say about it – but it was nice to spend a bit of time with the sewing machine, doing something quick and easy that I know will get used!

8 thoughts on “Easy Sewing

  1. Oh lovely! It does look fuzzy and cosy! ^__^ I made something similar for my niece when she was wee, but it had flannelette instead of minky – i like the idea of the fuzzy side though! My machine would probably drag it into the feed dogs though haha! ^__^

    1. I was nervous of that happening but it behaved remarkably well!! It is so soft and fuzzy – it’s unreal! I made something similar for Boy when he was younger with flannelette although I did put some batting in it. It still goes in the car with him on long journeys even though it really only covers his lap now!

  2. Good for you taking the time to sew before baby arrives. I love the colors you chose. Sounds like baby could be here any day – so excited for you and your family!

  3. Oh this is adorable and the colours are perfect, whatever flavour of baby you get! Glad the tutorial gave you a quick, easy sewing fix too! xx

    1. Thanks Jane. It’s one of those really satisfying, quick makes and your fabulous tutorial meant I could just cut and sew without having to encourage my brain to think too hard.

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